Huxley: combat - Preview, video and screens from IGN

Outside of the city, you can enter quests to fight against AI enemies and beasts or engage in massive 100 vs. 100 player fights. It may look like a typical arena shooter, but this MMOFPS is anything but that.

Your primary means of attacking, unsurprisingly, will be the good, old-fashioned gun. There are seven categories of them in Huxley: machine guns, shotguns, sniper rifles, optical rifles, rocket launchers, Inquisitors (guided rockets) and Regulators. "By the way," said Huxley producer Kijong "KJ" Kang, "the Regulator is a unique weapon to Huxley. It gives low physical damage to your enemy, but it drains an opponent's shields. You can then use it to regenerate your teammate's shields. A Phantom with a regulator can be a great addition to any team in battle."

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Wardy3967d ago

At first glimpse i thought it looked pretty decent, but then as the video went on it got pretty repetative and tiresome. I have to agree, does look boring.

Chubear3966d ago

Yeah it does look much much better graphically. Kinda reminded me of a UT III / R:fom mix.

How much fun its it going to be? Well we'll find out soon enough I guess.

Gish3966d ago

god, videos like this make you scared for ANY game you have been waiting for to come out. No variety at all. Not to mention a grenade launched that might as well be shooting Nerf balls.

ben8063966d ago

doesnt matter if it looks like ut3 thats good,
its a MMO blended fps it will be gameplay which decides if this is a success not graphics, look at WOW not fantastic graphically but hugley popular.

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