Online Achievements Ruin Games

From News.Filefront:

"When it comes to achievements, the quickest way to completely ruin a game is through the use of online achievements. I'm sure a lot of you Halo 3 players out there remember the first month of the game when people would completely ruin matches because they wanted to stand in a line and help each other get the 'Mongoose Meltdown Achievement'."

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decapitator4852d ago

This is arguable. Most people I know pick certain games and play online because of achievements so I don't think it really ruins the experience for them.

season0074852d ago

it just ruins people's warcraft
spent countless hours on some achievements...omg like some digit

gta_cb4851d ago

disagree, i have played some games with some really fun online achievements such as Crackdown.

Armyless4851d ago

Achievements should add to the gaming experience, not break it. ESPECIALLY in online games.

Silellak4852d ago

"Ruin" games, no?

Are annoying and unnecessary? Yes.

It sort of screws over your customer if they buy a game a couple years after it comes out and they find they can't get half the achievements because no one is playing it online anymore.

decapitator4852d ago

Yeah I agree with you. But then again, developers seems to disagree since it makes more money for them.

InYourMom4852d ago

having a big friends list. I can usually find someone who is willing to work on online achievements if nobody is playing the game much anymore.

I do prefer all SP achievements in my games however, like COD4, that is a game that gets it right.

BloodySinner4852d ago

What about those who do not have Xbox Live? They can't get the full experience (achievements).

toughNAME4852d ago

The positives vastly outweigh the negatives

v1c1ous4852d ago

tell me then.

how is that 10k kill achievement on gears of war worth the few points?

what about Chromehounds achievement of being the #1 team online when you have korean/japanese grinders and everyone plays at random times from the west?


online achievements are nice, as long as they are simple (kill 100 people online) and maybe as an add-on later on, NOT part of the 1000 standard points for an xbox game.

toughNAME4852d ago

the positives outweigh the nagatives

read buddy!

JoelR4852d ago

Poorly designed Achievements can definitely ruin online play. Badly designed achievements that encourage antisocial play have at times been added to games. These of course are not a great idea. You want to avoid complaints like this in games: "It seemed like in nearly every match, half of your team was playing to get specific achievements and could care less whether the team actually won or not. This same type of thing happens in numerous games with online achievements."

Properly designed Achievements are ones that the developer thinks through and understands all the consequences of what they are adding to the game. Does it make it fun? Does it damage some game mechanic to add it? Is it Achieveable without being boring? etc etc etc.

Achievements are more of a Meh thing to me but it does add value for many people and good Achievements can be fun. Properly designed and weighted Achievements do add good things, badly designed Achievements can ruin games.

mighty_douche4852d ago (Edited 4852d ago )

Personally, i could happily get by without them.

But, i know a lot of people do enjoy them and helps add some life to their games. I'd also imagine they're quite easy for the developers to implement.

But ruining game's? a little strong.

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The story is too old to be commented.