Microsoft Not all That Focused on HD for Xbox 360

Redmond (WA) - While Microsoft as a company has played a major role in high definition home media, it is not really concerned with how that will play out in the Xbox 360 market.

Aaron Greenberg, group product manager for Xbox 360 and Xbox Live, told TG Daily that although HD DVD's demise is unfortunate, it does "not at all" affect the console's position as an entertainment center.

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decapitator3973d ago

Well is understandable, nobody is rushing them at all but maybe some of their fanbase might be looking forward to going HD soon and with only one HD consoles on the market now, the choice is very simple unless they do something about it.

InYourMom3973d ago

title is misleading. It's obvious MS is concerned about HD on the 360, maybe not as much HD Movies. The system is already HD and was launched with HD capabilities.

For me my game console is about HD games, as long as MS delivers that then I am happy.

HarryEtTubMan3973d ago

sureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeee you just got owned and had to recall your P.O.S add ons M$ hahahahahhahahahahhahahhahahah ahhaa and now will pay Sony Royalties for using Blu Ray (yes DUMB BOTS.... Sony is the primary owner of Blu Ray.... regardless if desperate BOTS want to pretend like the "BDA" owns it. No Sony owns the largest portion DUMB XTARDS)

Ps3ShellShock3973d ago

x360 is a entertainment center. really...hmm ok lets see

entertainment = Music + Pictures + HD Games + HD Movies + WiFi Connection to Media servers/Computer

Music - Check

Pictures - Check

HD Games - Nope - After 3 years theres only a handfull of games that are above 640p

HD Movies - Nope - HDDVD is dead - DLC is a joke..DL a HD movie to watch it once a day lol and if your 360 would RROD on u then what? ur fukd - would be able to bring the movie to a buddies or a cousins house

WiFi Connection - Check BUT - u have to pay for it and it just adds to the ugly that the 360 is

Media connection/computer - Check

so as u can see it does impact the 360 - wonder why the 360 isnt selling so good and MS has to lie about shortages lol

MS makes me laugh - even some of teh hardcore 360 guys that can see whats in front of them.

InYourMom3973d ago (Edited 3973d ago )

First of all, WiFi connection to anything sucks compared to a wired connection. Please don't join my games, because you will be spotted with your crap ping times and booted.

The 360 has all the HD capabilities of the PS3 minus Blu-ray and HDMI 1.3(not making any difference at all). If anything the 360 is better at scaling images for various TV's than the PS3, instead of dumping them down to 480p (sub HD)

The 360 allows you to play HD movies via downloads or you can play HD content off a network machine or attached drive.

I use Vista Ultimate Media Center via Windows Media Connect and access all my HD content from my network which plays a lot more than my PS3 does.

Gaming wise the PS3 has a lot of titles in sub HD formats as well, but the system is capable of doing 720/1080p and it is the same with the 360.

You do know that the shortages thing was for NA only? Maybe you missed that last couple weeks of VGChartz where it shows the 360 beating the PS3 again?

season0073972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

Wifi sucks? you sure? my line is as stable as land line 24/7...
and HD content wise, anyday you can claim your 1gb or slighly more gb movie @same quality as 1080p that is usually in 15gb+ anyday...but well i am telling you the truth is upscaled DVD looks better than those FAKE HD content on xbox market place

and hey PS3 support windows media connect too!

and LASTLY and MOST IMPORTANTLY, I CAN'T FREAKING BELIEVE YOU TRUST VGC....omg, you can use it as indicator...but for claiming something that's not a creditable source AT ALL...NEVER!!

meepmoopmeep3972d ago

no, actually ALL ps3 games are 720p - 1080p. even the PSN downloadable games.

i don't think there's a single 1080p game on the 360. there are hardly any games above 640p.

InYourMom3972d ago

Season007 - Why do you have to start with the name calling? Do that in the Open Zone if you feel so inclined. This is the big boy section OK, you have to put on your "big boy shoes" on this side, I know it's hard jr.

I have a great router and yes WiFi does suck and you can almost always spot WiFi user's.

And you are assuming that the HD content I'm streaming is from the Marketplace when it's not. Sure, if you want to grab an HD movie on the Marketplace they are all in 720p. The movies I have on my network will take the Pepsi challenge against your Blu-ray discs anyday! The only thing you don't get is the extra's, which I don't watch anyway.

And yes you are right it does support it because I use that for my PS3 too, but it still pales in comparison if you are using Windows Media Center, not just the extender. I get Sports scores, DVR, Web Portals, Web browser, IPTV, RSS feeds, etc, etc, etc and it eclipses the PS3. But like I said you need WMC, Vista Premium or Vista Ultimate to take full advantage.

VGChartz, I hate them but people use them here all the time. All the bragging about PS3 owns the world and 360 is only good in NA is all based off the drivel that is VGChartz. If this site would ban them all together then I will be more than happy to stop using their numbers but since most of Europe doesn't track hardware like Japan and the US/CA then it is the only "rough" estimates we got.

Meep: You are not correct. I won't list all the games but I can tell you know that COD4 is 640p and not even UT3 is 720p both still look beautiful. The 360 has 1080p games and I will name one Virtua Tennis 3, there are more and many 720p native as well. Personally, I think both sides have been "duped" a bit on this resolution thing. With the upscalers it's easy for them to "cheat" until someone like Beyond 3d debunk them.

kwicksandz3972d ago

open zone is that way ============>

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tplarkin73973d ago

I bought the 360 HD-DVD player and I only bought 1 movie for it. (I got 6 free). Some movies cost $40!

gambare3973d ago

But the disk movies are yours, you don't have to pay again if you want to see it or lend it.

Genki3973d ago

from the end of '06 to about winter '07.

InYourMom3973d ago (Edited 3973d ago )

All the HD gaming/media abilities are still there nothing has changed on the 360. MS made a HD-DVD add-on but always supported HD content via the Marketplace and in games. Now HD-DVD has failed and they aren't supporting it anymore and have considered Blu-ray which they stated from the very beginning that they would if that format won.

Genki3973d ago

Yeah, it still has HDMI, still can d/l HD movies, and so on. I simply meant exactly what I said.

The 360 was touted as an HD media box back then. Now, it isn't. That simple.

InYourMom3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

"The 360 was touted as an HD media box back then. Now, it isn't"

"However, Greenberg told us that there will not be any added focus to that service as a result of HD DVD demise. He added that Microsoft's decision to stop supporting the format does "not at all" affect the console's value as an all-encompassing media center"

It sounds to me like they are still touting it as an "all-encompassing media center" having as much as the content in HD as they can get is a no-brainer. It think it's still the same sans HD-DVD.

@11 below - What is up with you people and insulting everyone in this section not to mention your "sinking ship" crap needs to go in the other zone! Where are the MOD's at???

Genki3972d ago

nowhere am I questioning to capabilities and functionality of the machine itself. I'm simply pointing out the glaring difference between the time frames.

Last year, with the same functionalities as today, it was pushed as that all encompassing media box. Today, with the same functionalities, it isn't being pushed that way. My only thing is, which paradigm was right?

If it's todays philosophy, then why bother to have done so much campaigning on the other front in the first place?

If it was yesterdays, what's the point in dropping the movement if it still has the functionality?

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