PlayStation Portable 2 Concept Mega Gallery

From Kotaku:

"The moment is here that you've been waiting 3 or 4 days your whole lives for. Kotaku readers from around the globe assembled in the hopes of finding America's Next PSP2 Concept. How did you all do?

Let's just say we had mixed results. So hit the jump to vote for your favorite of our best picks. Then laugh to your heart's content at everyone else."

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decapitator3907d ago

I am so tempted to get a wii for this game but I dont know. I have never really played a Smash bros game before but I hear good things about it.

decapitator3907d ago

Some of these concepts look really nice. Either way, I will be glad to see what the actual one is.

bigjclassic3906d ago

if you call yourself a gamer or even a "hardcore" gamer. Any true hardcore gamer has a Wii.

mighty_douche3907d ago

I think it'll be a while before we see an official PSP2. Sony seem to be increasing the support for the current PSP, even allowing devlopers to "overclock" the CPU from 222mhz to 333mhz.

I think there's life in the old dog yet!

Chubear3906d ago

It's what, 3years old?

VigorousApathy3905d ago

In portable gaming devices years that's 62.

jinn3906d ago

portable gaming is really for kids

moujahed3906d ago

Can you imagine a brand new psp sku with a nice size "Oled" screen, and the same cell chip as the PS3. I mean Sony are working on a smaller cell chip.

No matter what, if they decide to release a PSP2... it will be a thousand times better than the PSP.

Mikey_Gee3906d ago

Now that would be awsome

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The story is too old to be commented.