Bonner Responds To ESRB Board Interference Dispute

In the comments section of Gamasutra's original story on the issue, former ESRB employee Jerry Bonner posted further comments regarding his article in Ziff Davis' EGM Magazine, in which he alleged internal issues at the ratings board.

In the original article, Bonner expressed a litany of perceived issues, from his perspective, on his 6-month stay as an anonymous game rater at the Entertainment Software Ratings Board. The ESRB is an industry-funded independent ratings organization, much like the MPAA for the film industry.

Though Bonner said non-disclosure and non-disparagement legal agreements limit what he is able to say, he did stress that he was not fired by the ESRB, as suggested by ESRB president Patricia Vance in her response to the EGM article. "I left of my own accord and on good terms," he wrote.

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