IGN: echochrome Demo Hands-on

Some games are constantly criticized for a lack of creativity or unique content. That's simply impossible when it comes to echochrome, SCE Studios Japan's upcoming puzzle title that bends both spatial awareness and physics to create a new kind of gameplay experience. IGN were lucky enough to check out the title at GDC, but the Japanese PlayStation store recently released a demo of the game for players to check out. IGN were eager to see if there were any new items to be found within the demo, so they grabbed the PS3 version and prepared to realign their perceptions of the world around them.

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pardeepd3966d ago

Gets you involved. Simple but innovative.

DFresh3966d ago

Very Original.
This game looks cool the way it is.
Something new to the table for once.
This game on PSN will probably be like $5 at the most.
The game doesn't cost that much to make.
Once in awhile I like puzzle games and this game looks very promising and it's in 1080P so let's all get ready to play this game in April.