Fry's Xbox 360 Deal Of A Lifetime

If you missed the first time that this was offered well here is your chance to get it this time. Price is a little higher but it's still a great deal. Here's what's included:

Xbox 360 Premium system ($399)
Dead Rising ($60)
Saint's Row ($60)
Test Drive Unlimited ($40)

Deal Price: $450

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JIN KAZAMA6392d ago

MS is shaking in their boots because of PS3 launch. They are practically GIVING the 360 away. If they have so much faith in their system, why are they doing this. But its good for the consumer that plans on buying the 360.


you seem surprised about a well-priced, fully featured console with quality games (i've played them all and they are each AWESOME)

this is what people EXPECT jin, not what they are given in desperation.

TheMART6392d ago

Jin, you're just a sad guy. You rather want to pay 600 dollars and get a nonstandard videoplayer.

If that's your fun, enjoy it. Others just want to play games. And this package sounds really, really good!

SPAWN6392d ago

No, you`re pretty sad for hating!

Marriot VP6392d ago

now that's a good comeback, spawn

Kololo6392d ago

Fry's does things like this all the time. They're a large volume retailer and it's not Microsoft's decision at all. If I want a game on the day it comes out I usually go there because they seem have them discounted for the first day or two. (Which, I would assume, isn't so much because they have trouble getting rid of the games they just recieved....)

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co_ray6392d ago

microsoft isnt doing it, a retailer is....they are making the deal not M$.....its not an official deal from M$ in anyway.....good for consumers tho

Boink6392d ago

although this is the first case I've seen this serious.

I would seek help...

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Saints Row - Where it All Began

Saints Row made its debut nearly 20 years ago, and while the game has aged its still worth playing on modern consoles.

banger8834d ago

Back when games had balls. Now they still have balls, but also lipstick and a dress.

kevco3333d ago

Or an angry purple streak in their hair to demonstrate they're a rebel.

SimpleSlave33d ago

And they claimed this place was one of the outhouses for Gamers™ and gamerGate Incels. Pfft! But look at bangerBro99's amazing display of Homo-eroticism. How far we've come.

So proud of you, bud. Now you go grab them balls and have all the fun. 👍


PhillyDonJawn33d ago

They should remaster the first 2.

1nsomniac33d ago

I think the first one was the best in the series by a long, long way!

Demetrius33d ago

🥲🥲 someone needs to buy this ip and watch dogs, give those franchises a proper treatment sheesh

TheColbertinator33d ago

First 3 games were great. Then 4, Gat out of Hell and the Reboot were flimsy in comparison. Aliens, demons and a weak reboot in terms of intensity made the games forgettable.

Profchaos33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

But even 3 ventured into rediculas territory with zombies and stag. Zombies in 3 to me was just a hey you know what's popular zombies let's do that

TheColbertinator32d ago

The endgame of 3 did get stupid but the game held together at the end. 4 was just annoying all the way through.