GameDaily's 25 Big Games of 2008

Tons of games come out this year. These are the ones that Gamedaily can't wait for.

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HarryEtTubMan3969d ago

LETS GET SERIOUS.... 2008 and 2009 are going to KILL 2007 in terms of the amount of good games coming out. I CAN'T FREAKING WAIT. It all starts this month but the first BLOCKBUSTER is on June 12....


Harry1903969d ago

you are running out of bubbles.
yup,2008 will be bigger than 07,
at least for ps3 owners.others too of course.

liquidsnake3968d ago

hahahaha that was amuzing. Have a bubble mate.

Harry1903969d ago

is a better list than last time.there
are some innacuracies to it though(thinking
of resi5} but it's still ok.not too sure about the lego
and rainbow6 though.but that's my opinion.

Harry1903969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

completely wrong about the list.
it's really poor.poor site too.
isn't this blatant propaganda?i'll
explain later.
forgive my ignorance.what
is ng2?

masterg3969d ago

Where is Motorstorm 2.

Motorstorm is still the best selling PS3 game so far. One would think that the sequel would be a given.

Other than that.

Tekken 6
Little Big Planet
Ninja Gaiden 2
Alone in the Dark

Just to name a few that could easily take the place of some awful titles on the list.

wageslave3969d ago

Wasnt Motorstorm a pack-in? That would account for the sales methinks.

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permutated3969d ago

Worst list ever.

Wrestling and Ghost Busters are on there, yet Little Big Planet and Ninja Gaiden 2 are not?

WTF are they smoking???????

Harry1903969d ago

is ok.don't know enough on the ghostbusters one though.
iwon't be getting it anyway.there were some pretty decent games in there though.this site seems to specialise in making lists.

gambare3969d ago

NG2 is going to be a big shot and it's not listed.

Kleptic3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

well this is the site that listed the Xbox 360 as the best console of all time yesterday...yeah...seriously.. .so an equally retarded list today would only make sense...

I guess they were not putting these in any order of importance it seems...but yeah...Pokemon: teh_ghey instead of NG2?...Lego indiana jones over LBP?...some wrestling terd over Haze (keep your crap to yourself regarding Haze...its the guys that made goldeneye and timesplitters, you know it will be better than you expect)...

what a terrible website...halo wars, but no StarCraft 2?...time for them to switch industries...

I am surprised Gears 2 made the list...didn't they remember that Barbie Does a Backflip is coming out this fall also?

PSWe603969d ago

Ghostbusters has yet to prove itself, ANOTHER wrestling game?? ummm Batman games have always been pretty bad.
I'm surprised that Little Big Planet and Ninja Gaiden 2 weren't on this list.

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Odion3969d ago

I agree Raw, Rainbow, and Ghostbuster should not be replacing LBP, NG2, and like Starcraft 2

Harry1903969d ago

that i think about it,yeah,where are those games,
something is wrong.gamedaily lists always so intriguing....

Kleptic3969d ago

agreed...they list Halo Wars...which rightfully deserves a spot if ends up being a great RTS...but seriously...putting on a totally unproven RTS, and than leaving out what will become the unquestioned king of RTS's...justifies that place going out of business...

Darkiewonder3969d ago

Really, Big game of 2008?

Daver3969d ago

i agree lolll when i saw madden i was like wth loll... theres a lot of games that should not be on that list... anyway everyone is own opinion i guess lol

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