Gamedaily: Super Smash Bros. Brawl Review

At the very least, Gamedaily can say, "Thank you, Nintendo" for giving them the most thoughtful Smash Bros. entry to date with Brawl. Yeah, the graphics don't really go too far forward, the online options could've been less strenuous, and the load time could've been cut back.

Regardless, there's still far greater good here than Gamedaily could've ever expected from the game. The gameplay options and customization features are very user-friendly; the presentation (for the most part) is marvelous; and the barrage of single-player and multiplayer options will keep you playing for weeks, months, even years. Enough talk – get yourself a copy and get ready for some of the best fights of your life.

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Harry1903967d ago

''low'' score that it got.

l Drop Dead Ed l3967d ago

It's just this kind of score that makes me want to look at their 10 rated games and compare.

Farsendor13967d ago

gametap gave a low score also so its not the first. but anyways 9-10 awesome scores too bad i wont get a wii until there at least $150

Sovannah Phum3967d ago

this game is going to be so badass.

wiizy3966d ago

it deserves a better score then that. but thats not a bad review