StarCraft II Q&A Batch 32 and New Screens

Kevin "Karune" Yu, Blizzard's RTS Community Manager, writes:

"In addition to our Q&A Map Maker Series, Gameplay Series, Lore Series, we are going to include our Community ScreenCraft Series, featuring screenshots crafted specifically to progress the dialogues and discussions we have currently going on in the community. To start us off, I have taken four screenshots which capture our latest discussions over the past month."

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VigorousApathy3974d ago

Some of the units look better. I hope they keep improving them.

Cartesian3D3974d ago

it looks absolutely STUNNING!

TheIneffableBob3974d ago

The graphical update is AWESOME.
I love the grittiness added to the Terran buildings.

Alcaponeyou3974d ago

why they dont' update the official site. it's been 2 months since.

BludoTheSmelly3974d ago

I knew that one screenshot was early, look how nice it looks now.

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