First day sales of Metroid in Japan

A rough estimate of the first day sales of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption are in from Japan. As many had anticipated, sales were minuscule compared to Wii Fit. Metroid only sold about 20,000 units on its first day. How long Corruption can go in Japan is questionable, as the previous two installments in the series did not sell well in the Land of the Rising Sun.

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blynx1823969d ago

The Metroid series has NEVER gotten the proper reception it has so long deserved. Its the only Nintendo franchise no one has any strong expectations for.

permutated3969d ago

Wait...uh...Corruption just game out in Japan??

Isn't Nintendo a Japanese company!?

permutated3969d ago

Yeah, I know that.

I just figured that a Japanese developers first party title would hit home first...

Tsalagi3969d ago

Metroid was never popular in Japan to start with and then they try to release it over there as a FSP? What were they smoking?

Da360sucks3969d ago

I Use To Love Metroid
i stop playing it
when it became a first person shooter

ChickeyCantor3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

i said the same untill i really gave it a will say something else once you finished the first game.

but the 2d metroids still kick ass.

and its a first person adventure....

a game were you hold a knife in firstperson perspective isnt a firstperson hack/slash game now is it =P
.....btw Fusion is still 2d....still played that one or what?

ah it was expected anyway...metroid never sold that great in the first place especially not in japan.

chrstphr5673969d ago

Wow it's just comming out in japan. I wish all of nintendo's first part games would come out in america first.

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