Grand Theft Auto IV LCPD Trailer & Packie Trailer

Protect freedom and fight terrorists, no matter what the cost.

Meet Packie, a bad boy who disappoints his mother.

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xhi43969d ago

we can use car boots.........YAY

Sony sucks balls3969d ago

Do you guys know when that DLC is coming out for ps3 that is exclusive to Microsoft ? Anyone ? I was just curios.

socomnick3969d ago

hmmmm never because then it would not be exclusive. I think the ps3 will also get downloadable content like maybe new clothes or vehicles but those will also be available for the Xbox 360.

Slayer OP3969d ago

Well your joke backfired because ps3 really is getting content.

Stubacca3968d ago

I don't doubt GTA4 will rock. DLC for either console is stupid. They shoulda just put it on the disc. Oh, wait, I forgot they had to cram the game onto a 4.7gb disc because of the 360. And then Microsoft have the cheek to capitalise on gamers paying extra for additional content.

It's just sad. What happened to games being finished? GTA4 certainly took long enough.

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princejb1343969d ago

never ps3 will never get it
but in my opinion the download content its pretty worthless
since i doubt alot of people gonna buy it
MS was trying to hard to beat ps3 on sales for gta4 but will highly not succeed

vloeistof3969d ago

would be nice if we saw gameplay

xhi43969d ago


but we won't see gameplay vids until after it's release through gamespot etc. and the review

Rockstar have never released a gameplay video before the release of one of their gta's (the 3d open world one's i mean), and the style their marketing this game in does not allow for it.

I mean they said they will only ever reveal 30% of the game to the public, and the other 70% will be when the player puts the disc into their console.

hope that helps!

SUP3R3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

That is correct sir.
Rockstar has no need to release actual gameplay vids.
They've shown in-game graphics so we know what it looks like.
You'll get all the gameplay videos and images you want when the reviews are out, which is before the game is actually released.
Rockstar knows what they're doing, no reason to worry, I'm sure the pre-order sales are already through the roof. Almost everyone I know already has their copy pre-ordered with a few waiting until next month to place theirs.

Maldread3969d ago

Glad to see the good old GTA humor is still in there :)

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The story is too old to be commented.