Customer Service: Newegg Doesn't Deliver PS3 With Spiderman 3, Blames Sony

The Consumerist reports:

"Okay, everyone together in Moe Szyslak's voice: 'Whaaaaa?' We're just as confused as you are. Newegg, which has one of the most stellar reputations of any retailer, online or b&m, apparently sent a customer a regular PS3 box instead of one with a Blu-ray copy of 'Spiderman 3.' Here's where it gets all evil alternate universe: when the customer called to complain, the CSR told him it wasn't Newegg's problem and for him to talk to Sony."

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Silellak3969d ago

Interesting. I know Sony isn't usually known for the greatest customer service, but props to them for this.

Ben10543969d ago

"I called Sony, and after a 10 minute hold I got a nice guy who listened to the compliant and said "No Problem, I can resolve this for you" So I had to fax Sony my reciept, name, address..... and an Authorization # he gave me, and they said they would mail the movie within 2 days of recieving the info."
great customer service apart from the 10min thing, most companies mae me wait longer anyway.
sony is the only customer service that i dont mind

Chubear3969d ago

but Sony is well known for it's steller customer service. Go ask somebady.

LJWooly3969d ago

My only experience with Sony's customer experience was actually very pleasant, and a nice, attractive-sounding lady helped me resolve my issue (HDD problem) fairly quickly, within about 20 minutes.

I know that's only one experience, but I doubt I'm the only one they were nice to.

ruibing3969d ago

I really wouldn't know, none of my Sony electronics ever needed customer service support...

Silellak3969d ago

I hate to bring up the PS2 DRE issue, but since it killed my PS2, I guess I figure I'm allowed.

When I think of Sony support, I remember how people had to file a class action lawsuit before Sony recognized and agreed to fix the PS2's that had encountered the issue.

LJWooly3969d ago

Yeah, Sony can be stubborn, most Japanese companies are, but the people they employ are generally nice, I know a few myself.

SUP3R3969d ago

You're fishing for a complaint and it isn't convincing.
My customer service experience with them when I had problems adding my cc to my PSN account was a very pleasant and satisfying experience.
The gentleman on the phone was very courteous and understand and guided me in a very proficient manner.
There would obviously be those who may have experiences that weren't very enthusing, but the majority of the remarks are positive.

Dark_Overlord3969d ago

I think they've got great customer service (Sony that is), phoned them up about 3pm because my ps2 packed up, got through to a staff member straight away explained what had happened and he said that i would have a replacment within 24 hours, was on the phone for all of 10mins. Sure enough 9:20 the next morning a courier was at the door to take away my faulty PS2 and give me a brand new one. So there really is no way I can fault them. MS on the other hand, well I'll leave that for another time, and it would probably involve me going -------> that way

LJWooly3969d ago

When it comes to customer service, there's always going to be the odd anomolous result or two, and there's always the possibility taht I just got lucky when I called :)

m91058263969d ago

Sony service has always been great for me. A big plus: They speak english. Not to be "racist", but whenever I need to call MS support, I get someone in India, and we can't understand each other for crap.

Lifendz3969d ago

I guess they lack the practice because their machine doesn't require regular calls to customer service.

Anyway, why would you want the 40 gig? Just get the 60. It has the best of everything and is still the best option at PS3. You can get a 60 on ebay for the same price (if not cheaper) as a 40 gig.

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InYourMom3969d ago

that it's probably better he didn't get that POS movie?


I guess he could care less if the thing had games? Hrm.

mighty_douche3969d ago

Perhaps he just wanted what he paid for, and maybe, just maybe his opinion of the movie is different from yours.

Silellak3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

See that little tab over to the right that says "Open Zone"?

That's where crappy posts like yours go to die.

3969d ago
LJWooly3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

Lightening up is all well and good, but the fact of the matter is that your comment is in the wrong zone.

If that's your idea of a joke, then you must be a real hit with the ladies :P

InYourMom3969d ago

realize that Spider Man 3 was held in such high regards and a contention for fanboy flamewars.

And yes I do just fine with the ladies, your mom had a smile on her face.

Amp3969d ago

Girls love a guy who calls himself "In your mom"

Silellak3969d ago

I could care less if you liked Spider-man 3 or not.

Claiming the PS3 has no games has been a weak argument since the middle of 2007, and that's why your lame attempt at humor belonged in the Open Zone.

LJWooly3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

While I do take offence to that since my mum is very, very ill at the moment, I wasn't really expecting any more from you, given your username. I'll let that pass for now.

If you retract your comment then fine, if not, you just carry on living your incredibly awesome and fulfilling life, and I'll keep on living mine, and we never need to talk to each other again.

It's up to you.

I like your 'unbiased' avatar, too. Very ironic.

Bathyj3969d ago

Character counts for a lot, and we're all pretty familiar with yours.

By being a constant Sony troll you've lost the ability to make playful, light hearted, innocent jokes or remarks because everyone sees them straight away for what they are. Trolling.

You cant spend your life as a pickpocket and then act all offended because no one trusts you around their wallet.

InYourMom3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

of you know me so don't try to assume that you can "judge my character". If we are going to do that, is it funny how each of you are a PS3 supporter and bash the 360, besides Silelllak. Pot meet Kettle. Don't judge others when you don't have any credibility to begin with.

Silellak - You completely read that wrong. What I was saying was that he appears to be more worried about the movie then he is about games, implying that he is getting the PS3 for the movies.

LJ - Sorry about your mom, but your attempt at insulting me was bound to get a rebutal. So don't insult people if you expect no response. Yes, I own both systems and thus my avatar but I do not bend over for the PS3 as you're comment history easily show's and you will find that I critize MS as well; but on this site full of FUD spreading fanboys the 360 need's more defending.

Silellak3969d ago

Ah, I see. I read your message wrong. Sorry about that.

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Lord Anubis3969d ago

wow that's a new side of Newegg I didn't know. It's their fault for advertising what they did not have in stock misleading the consumer. If they guy wants he can report newegg to the Federal Trade commission.

issa30323969d ago

The free Spiderman 3 with 40GB PS3 is OVER. That is why he didn't get it.

Silellak3969d ago

The point is, if it's over, then NewEgg should've removed the picture of the PS3 Box that DOES include Spider-man 3 from their site. Otherwise, they aren't selling what they claim to be selling.

ruibing3969d ago

Yep, the new specs on Newegg only lists the following now:

PLAYSTATION 3 includes:
PlayStation 3 Console
Internal 40 GB HDD
Built-in Blu-ray player
SIXAXIS wireless controller
Power Cord
AV cable

PopEmUp3969d ago

it the company fault for not taking the advertising off, so in that case the company must sell the good at it state in the advertisement to the person who are purchasing the good, and the person have the right to complain although this isn't relate to SONY or any matter but are mainly related to the retailer that has that advertisement up on their site/store

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