Important Importables: Games that might help you learn Japanese

From the Article: "One of the worst things about import games is the language barrier. Sure, there are some special people out there who happen to be bilingual, but others who only had access to Japanese I and II in college because there wasn't enough interest in Japanese III or IV (ahem) weren't fortunate enough to get the same opportunities.

To add to this misfortune, DS game developers and publishers seem to think that North American DS owners only want to learn Spanish and French. (Like I'd ever need those.) This causes a gaping gap in which a title teaching another, more useful language like, say, Japanese would go.

Unfortunately there aren't any import games with the specific goal of teaching Japanese, since people from Japan apparently don't need to learn their native language. However there are a few glittering gems that might offer slight assistance. These following titles aren't designed to be learning tools, but they just might teach you a few things."

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