Ace Attorney Producer to Make Announcement in April

With Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations released last October, and Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney hitting shelves just last month, could Capcom be poised to announce a fifth installment in the series? From the same company that until recently released multiple Mega Man games annually, it may not be all that surprising.

Ace Attorney Producer Minae Matsukawa revealed in her latest and last Apollo Justice blog that she would "share a little bit about the future of the Ace Attorney series," revealing that in April, there will be a special orchestra concert event in Japan, at which they will make "an exciting announcement."

While it could always be something else, a fifth Ace Attorney game seems the most likely, as that would certainly excite a number of people, and seems to most directly involve the "future of the series." But, until we hear more, the "fifth title" part of this remains classified as "rumor."

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RecSpec3974d ago

The fifth game was announced last year. According to wiki, the "final boss of all the darkness is not a fresh face but someone we are quite familiar with"