Jack Thompson: Florida Bar Will Look Like Bombed-out Building (figuratively speaking)

Late Tuesday afternoon, Thompson sent GamePolitics an e-mail which contained a new filing with the Florida Supreme Court. The document (MS Word) was CC:'d to numerous attorneys, Florida Bar officials, and even state prosecutors. For the most part, it was standard-issue Thompson bluster, but take note of the final sentence:

"Below is what The Florida Bar will look like if [the Florida Supreme] court acts affirmatively on its show cause order, figuratively speaking, of course"

The picture is that of a devastated building, possibly from World War II. Given Thompson's contentious history with the Bar, GamePolitics found the sentiment expressed by the picture somewhat questionable, so they asked Thompson about it in a series of e-mails.

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niall773974d ago

GP: What do you suppose would happen to a high school student who sent that pic to his school with the “figurative” comment that this is what the school would look like if he didn’t get his way?

JT: You’re boring, Dennis

GP: That’s not an answer to the question

haha, how did Thompson ever become a Loyer

Excalibur3974d ago

This guy will be Dis-barred very, very soon.
It wouldn't hurt my feelings to never, ever hear jack Thompson's name again.

JD_Shadow3974d ago

And we all thought that bin Ladin was "figuratively speaking" when he said he was going to attack America. What did we get for believing that quote? 9/11.

This is just plain sickening, uncalled for, and this should call for the FBI to do a in-depth investigation.

JD_Shadow3974d ago

...or if it was even a worthwhile or necessary move, but I did send a letter to Countdown w/Keith Olbermann about this (my guess is that he does read his emails since he gets alot). He does a nightly segment called worst person in the world.

If enough people send this to him or to the email I sent it it ([email protected]), chances are more that someone in the mainstream will bring it up.

Olbermann would be the best chance, though. FOX has been more than generous to Thompson, and FOX and KO (and NBC as a whole) have been at war between their news divisions (one up to get this on there). Thompson is a "lunatic fringe right wing" type of person, something that he usually targets on WPITW (the show has been accused many times of being liberal because he constantly bashes the Bush Administration and all that). He also seems to really support Obama and it seems that he doesn't like Hilary that much (REAL plus since it IS Hilary that has been attacking games).

Unfortunately, not many people outside the gaming world will know of this latest issue because it hasn't gotten very big press outside of his "Counterstrike caused the VT massacre" thing. That needs to change, and though ANYONE in the mainstream would be able to expose him on THIS one, I (1) Am biased because I never miss Countdown because of KO's being real and saying things that you would never catch anyone else on cable news saying, and (2) believe that KO would be THE best bet. He was the only one in the mainstream news to CORRECTLY call the "black costume Spider Man" as Venom when talking about Spider Man 3.

Okay, love affair for KO done. But seriously, send something to him or someone in the media about this. Again, KO is the best bet because of the mass exposure a story like that would get on his show, but if you can find a place that it would get like exposure, be my guest.

Jacko cannot hide under the radar anymore.