PSX Extreme Review: MLB 08: The Show

Despite all the nasty steroid controversy, baseball is still our nation's pastime. And thankfully, we now have what may be the single best baseball game really, the game is THAT good. Check out PSX Extreme's review of The Show, and add this to your must-have list!

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PimpHandStrong3973d ago

best sports game i have played in years

marinelife93973d ago

This is a AAA game I could care less what G4TV rated it. For some stupid reason G4TV rated MLB2k8 higher than MLB 08.

Area_513973d ago

i do agree, G4 lost a viewer over that review that was just a load of crap. You can just tell they did not play the game. I know people will say chill out it just a review...but its not that took the meta. score down 6 points wich is bull crap alot of devs will give a bonus if they get a good review. its just wrong....wrong i tell ya!!!

InYourMom3973d ago

Isn't this a Sony exclusive?

TwissT3973d ago

I just downloaded and played the demo, a superb baseball game.

kalistyles3973d ago

No doubt. People that don't have this game are missing out. Get it now.