What Are You Hoping to Achieve? Microsoft's Secret Weapon in the Console War

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"Let's agree to this one point right up front, whoever came up with the idea of Achievements is an evil genius. Those ultimately meaningless points and their culmination in the Gamerscore have led to a revolution in the way we play games. Gamers who would normally blow through a shooter in five hours or casually jump online to play a quick match with friends are now pouring hours and hours into games just so they can see "Achievement Unlocked" keep popping up until they claim all 1000 points. Not only has this now-established phenomenon changed how we play, it's also fundamentally altered what we buy. Achievements are Microsoft's secret weapon in the console war, and they are why the Xbox 360 will end up winning the day."

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toughNAME3966d ago

But the key here is the simplicity of achievements

Whatever they did to make them so addicting, you can bet there not letting Sony in on the secret

Tempist3966d ago

Yes, because nothing is more addiciting than proving you have the biggest XBL e-penis. Seriously, the achievement system has to get over itself. Achievements like getting to the next level in Halo 3 are entirely inane.

That's not really achieving much, besides a stick and carrot approach.

Here's what truly qualifies as achieving something - MGS4 Game clear; No kills.

That takes skill.

DRUDOG3966d ago

They are addicting for some, but not me. When I asked a buddy what he gets/wins from them and he told me nothing, I had to laugh and ask him why they were so important than. I like the e-penis analogy. If I was getting something in return for them it would be a different story. Maybe cheaper/free downloads or some crappy swag from a developer, but if I get nothing but a score, no thanks, don't need 'em.

Last months EGM article was pretty funny when it talked about how far people are willing to go to pump up a "number".

Nostradamus3966d ago

I think you are confusing Gamerscore with achievements.

You can have a huge gamerscore, but only from easy achievements.
You can have a low gamerscore, but completed seriously hard achievements.

Gamerscore means nothing when it comes to skill, achievements do.

toughNAME3966d ago

I have no interest in competing with my friends over who has the larger gamerscore (even though my e-penis iissss the largest)

It's not the direct comparison thats so addicting

SeNiLe9113966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

You do win swag and other stuff sometimes.

They have had the Xbox Rewards before and I won Fuzion Frenzy 2, a T-shirt, MS Points, and some other stuff for increasing my gamerscore by 1500 points, it was very easy to win.

Also, thous that got the Gears achievement, Seriously! got a gamer pic that they wear proudly showing they got 10,000 kills in ranked multiplayer. (see attached pic)

AceLuby3966d ago

They're retarded. Total gimmick. Trophies will be the same. Gaymerscore is dumb. What's the point? 'I have more free time than you...'. Achievements & rumble (for me at least) don't sell games and don't make multi's better. Whenever I see that argument I laugh.

Sayai jin3966d ago

@Tempist- What are you talking about "getting achievements for getting to the next stage on Halo 3. Achievements arre not that simple. Some are easy (the ones that get you about 10 points), but most of the time, you get achievements for things like 100 heads shots, spell cast master, etc. I do not know how many achievements I got from Oblivion, Splinter Cell, Bioshock, etc. FYI, there re achievments for ultra stealthyness on SplinterCell, or not kiling anyone, etc. I do not care to flaunt my gamerscore online, I like it for personal achievment. It brings a little old school back to gaming. Some of you are to young to remember these days, but remember when ou would play arcade games and you got to enter your name down as the high score. MS has always said they tend to bring more meaning to achievement points.

robep33966d ago

LOL at this 1st post.

"Whatever they did to make them so addicting, you can bet there not letting Sony in on the secret"

LOL what age are you 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


toughNAME3966d ago


It's an observation.

tough ...

General Pinky3966d ago

if you don’t like it then why talk about it...
You guys are noobs...
Just cos Microsoft done it first you hate on it
Man...Sony don’t see me hating on the Home...Oi well PS3 owners will have Home...So what...
But Plz stop the hating guys...this is Video Game...Not a War...

Vito44343965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

Lets face it, all of us here have lost untold amounts of time gaming instead of studying, working out etc. There is nothing to show for lost time except some type of recognition. It is brilliant because although a paltry amount of recognition, its something. Really we can all be pretty derelict about gaming on any platform, these are esteem points, it’s a “thanks for coming“ arrangement. At least you can document how you blew 5 hours that day. Everyone in this forum I'm sure can Identify with lost time, I have come to terms with it, good thing I finished my grad work before I stared caring about my gamerscore.

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Silellak3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

I can't agree. This was written by a silly fanboy.

"How many of you have heard your friend say “Yeah, I’m waiting for Avatar to show up from GameFly. It totally sucks, but you can get all the Achievements in five minutes”"

Uh...not me. Has ANYONE actually heard someone say that?

Achievements are cool, and add a nice amount of replayability to games that might not otherwise have it, but I don't think they'll win the console war for the 360. Not enough people care about them.

I wish more games would take the Mass Effect approach, though, and actually add unlockable perks for achievements.

cain1413966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

To be honest, I myself have heard it, but it was from a guy who is trying to get a really high gamerscore...

I myself could care less about my gamerscore...

But the concept of achievements is briliant...

thegamereviews3966d ago

Actually the man in question is not a fanboy, he happens to own every system.

MikeGdaGod3966d ago

"Achievements are Microsoft’s secret weapon in the console war, and they are why the Xbox 360 will end up winning the day."

"In order to show my work, all numbers for this research were taken from VG Chartz."

"Once you’ve tasted the sweet nectar of Achievements, you’ll never go back. I’m willing to bet that every reasonable, non-fanboy gamer out there who owns an Xbox 360 and a PS3 or Wii, with all other things being equal, would buy the 360 version of a title simply because it has Achievements."

achievements.....really??? the only achievements that really matter are when they actually add something to the game. a secret level or weapon. something that you can use in the game. when i talk to my buddies about different games, their gamer score never comes into the conversation.

and being in the Home beta, i can assure you that the achievements/entitlements are only a very small part of the community. its nice to be able to show you've passed a certain level in a game. but it's not enough for me to buy a horrible game for.

cain1413966d ago

That one thought makes complete sense, but it may be an invalid assumption...

If we consider all three systems to be equal in all regards (which they will not be, as some of use value certian aspects more than other aspects) Then achievements will help decide which console we buy a game for...

I myself would argue that the controller for a system is the main reason I purchase for that system...

deeznuts3966d ago

Not all gamers are cut from the same cloth. Achievements mean absolutely nothing to me. I don't even have time to play all the games (work, gf, social) that are coming out. Shoot, I don't even have time to play just the good PS3 games. My gf bought me a PSP for Valentines, and she has a Wii and 360, and I can't even get through the PS3 games to start renting Wii games to try out (I have gamefly).

Achievements don't mean anything to a lot of gamers. Especially casual ones. And you need casuals to win the war, period. There aren't 100 million hardcore gamers out there.

MikeGdaGod3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

don't get me wrong, i like achievements. but i like ones that actually DO something (unlock weapons, levels......) not just a score that says i have 100 points for doing something.

i haven't had my 360 since i got my PS3, so i haven't had to make this decision yet. but i wouldn't buy GTA for 360 just because it has achievements that i can.........look at.

trust me, i'm just as cynical when it come to the entitlement system sony is doing in Home. i've even told sony so in the beta forums. they have to make these thing actually mean something, or it will only have a small following.

DMC4 for PS3 has achievements and i have alot of them. but i don't know what any of them are and i don't care because, as far as i can tell, they do nothing to actually enhance the game itself.

like Silellak said, unlockables is whats important. and that has been in gaming from the beginning.

littletad3966d ago

Your usually one of the better more neutral commenters. I do agree somewhat that this article is a bit fanboyish (mostly towards the end and the Achievements logic), but it's mostly opinionated reasons as to why people buy the 360 version of software. And guess what, even I usually buy 360 software because of those reasons . I liked how he started with statistics and then the various reasons, such as Live and Achievements. His last 2 or 3 paragraph is what makes the whole article faboyish.

HighDefinition3966d ago

life depends on getting achievement points, he`ll rent and finish the worst games just to get them. It`s quite sad really.

Silellak3966d ago

What surprised you, exactly? I thought my post was actually pretty neutral.

I actually only own a 360 for now, but it still doesn't mean I think achievements are suddenly going to make the 360 win this console war.

I'm sorry, but anyone who writes: "Ultimately, the only Achievement the boys and girls at Microsoft care about is the “Top of the Heap” Achievement, and that only comes once the dust has settled and they reign supreme. If the numbers hold, then they’ll be hearing that lovely little chime and seeing that welcome popup in the very near future."

Is fanboy-ing it up. Neither Microsoft nor Sony will "reign supreme" in the very near future, and only a fanboy would think any differently.

There won't be a clear winner until at LEAST 2009, if not 2010.

Tron3966d ago

Points are nice but i want to do something with them. Like Drakes. Besides, once HOME comes out the PS3 will have something very similar. Maybe even better.

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Blademask3966d ago

Its a great feature that will be added to the ps3, like bluray will be added to the 360.

PimpHandStrong3966d ago

MicroSoft points in place of real life money

i know you guys love em but it feels like a dictator who wants to make up his own world where we all use money with his face on it.

maybe its just me

The only achievment i have seen on my PS3 that i liked was when you beat RFOM 3 times you got a black outfit for online play. If you beat the game and got a perfect or something you got the skull. So you ran around online looking like Skelator. Thats was what i think of when i think in game acheivments. i never got the skull

PimpHandStrong3966d ago

it wont be the same. I dont think we will see a text telling you what you just did. I think we will see trouphys with all the info on it. Little different and nice in its own way if that is the case

meepmoopmeep3966d ago

you DO see text pop up and also it tells you which and what your friends have unlocked. (DMC4)

Mc1873966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

When i start up DMC4 it tells me the progress of my friends who've been playing and also the acheivment icons pop up when you get them.