EpilepticGaming - Japanese PlayStation 3 Account Tutorial

djWHEAT shows you how to create a Japanese PlayStation 3 account. With a Japanese account, you'll have access to all the best new content from Japan, as more often than not, demos, game content, and other PSN content is released in Japan weeks before it's released elsewhere in the world.

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mighty_douche3907d ago

I'm sure we've had articles like this before and this could possibly be a duplicate, but I'll approve as it may be helpful for some!

Genesis53907d ago (Edited 3907d ago )

Never seen one before. Will
use it when I get home. Cheers!

PSWe603907d ago

I just created my account...flippin' b!tchin!

mindedone3907d ago

is nice, buying the full version when it's available

level 3603907d ago

Yes, it works. Arigatoo Dj-san.

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