DarkZero: Lost Odyssey Review

DarkZero writes: Playing a guy who is immortal and has lived for one thousand years is certainly an interesting story when it comes to an RPG. There's plenty of stuff I'd love to do in life and with time like that I would probably be able to do them all. I'd be able to have all the time I wanted to play any game, watch any program or film. Hell I'd be able to take everything slowly, no need to rush around if I'm going to live for eternity. Man that would be pretty awesome. Maybe some would worship me as a god… just maybe. Sometimes I wish game stories were true.

Lost Odyssey is the next game from legendary Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi and his studio Mistwalker. It's more of a mature game than Blue Dragon, which might please some people who couldn't stand playing as little kids with shadow powers. The game is also very heavy on text, so if you don't like reading a lot then the game might not show its full potential to you in terms of how deep the characters are. While Lost Odyssey might not do much in terms of innovating the genre, it does however supply a good cast of characters, solid gameplay and a story that spans four discs and while takes time to get going, is interesting and more adult themed than Mistwalker's last entry.

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