IGN: Alone in the Dark Preview and Videos

Edward Carnby hangs precariously from a rope against the sheer rock face. Below, the ravine stretches down into nothingness, while above the shape of a ravaged chopper lurches ever closer to the cliff's edge. You've barely a minute to clamber to safety as torrential rain churns the dirt to mud, forcing the flaming wreckage over the side. Wrenching upward, you'll need to swing to dodge the debris tumbling toward you – as the helicopter disintegrates, leaking fuel catches alight, cascading across your path, while red-hot metal and burning upholstery hurtle by. Finally, the entire thing gives way, the rotor blades crack against the rock and spiral violently toward you in a burst of light and noise.

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TheExecutive3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

This game is going to rock. It does suck that PS3 gets this way later than the 360, but it will be worth the wait.

arakouftaian3967d ago

i will wait 2 see how it does on teh xboxplizfixme and then if is good really good game i will buy it 4 my ps3