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Strategy Informer's Mike Bowden interviewed Derek Littlewood of Free Radical Design about its upcoming title Haze, due to be released in May exclusively for the PS3. Free Radical is known for their TimeSplitters series, first-person shooters with a cartoonish style and relaxed tone.

Mike Bowden: How much has the constant multi-format speculation affected your team? Have they been able to shield themselves from the press, or has it made things difficult at all?

Derek Littlewood: I can appreciate the frustration that many gamers have felt about the multi-format speculation, but that's just the thing – most of it has been speculation, not fact. And when that results in people getting angry at the development team, I think that's a bit unfair. But then, we equip our teams with sturdy iron pants here at FRD so they can generally weather any amount of angst. Plus they're wipe-clean, which comes in handy.

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sak5003973d ago

Misleading heading. Only that he's countering the speculation not speculating.

Milky3972d ago

I like how it is 18+ and kept all the blood, and how you can play dead.

PirateThom3973d ago

I remember Haze... now I don't care, too many other good games.

DiabloRising3973d ago

I'm still interested. Hopefully the game is solid, but with MGS4, GTA, Battlefield BC, and CoD4 still going strong... its going to have to be GREAT.

BeaArthur3973d ago

Hopefully it will come out in May like it is supposed to (again). If not I'm confident that Free Radical is delaying it for the purpose of making it better. I mean I get irritated with delays just like everyone else but it is better than putting out a half assed effort.

PimpHandStrong3973d ago

2 release the game

Its after GTA and GT5 and b4 MGS

if the game is any good i might give it a try

MiniMii3973d ago (Edited 3973d ago )

raving xbots and fanboys were screaming for a Goldeneye remake and got angry cos Nintendo pwned them with the 10 year old N64 game.

That game must have been something cos so many people were swearing and cursing over a 10 year old game which compared to todays standards are rather meh.

Must have been the gameplay that they so wanted.



Xbots: "b..bu...but...butt, Rare made goldeneye!"

When MS purchased Rare, almost everyone working for Rare left Rare. Half of them went back to work for Nintendo. The other half, including the team that made Goldeneye, formed Free Radicals Design. The company that is giving us Haze. PS3 exclusive.

Hahaha, whats the matter. Cat got your tongue?

This is why all Rare games are shiat nowadays. The people who worked on Goldeneye, Banjo, Killer Instinct, Donkey Kong are not working there anymore. They only have just graduates, aka noobs working there.

Back to the story. I cant wait to get my hands on this baby.

[email protected] xbots.

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The story is too old to be commented.