Connecting Communities, Redefining Xbox Live: Chris Satchell On XNA

Gamasutra writes: At GDC, one of the biggest announcements was Microsoft's Xbox Live: Community Games, an extension of its indie-driven XNA development platform that will allow regular Xbox Live users to connect with independent, potentially non-commercial games on the service.

The major details of the upcoming Community Games Beta can be found in a Gamasutra sponsored feature posted during GDC, but separately of this Microsoft-supplied factual information, we had an opportunity to sit down with Chris Satchell, general manager of the XNA group at Microsoft, and pick his brain on the burgeoning service.

From its compatibility with three platforms -- Xbox 360, PC and Zune -- to its business model, to how the XNA development platform might be most effectively used, there was no shortage of questions to ask.

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