Dark Sector Goes Gold, Arrives March 25

Digital Extremes' glaive-wielding action title Dark Sector (PS3, X360) has entered the manufacturing process and will ship to North American retailers on March 25, D3Publisher announced today.

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sak5003974d ago

I'll wait for reviews for this one.

Junior45653974d ago

True to wait for reviews will be smart but you have to admit the game looks impressive like you can tell they really had put alot of work into it

Lord Vader3974d ago (Edited 3974d ago )

Not me - Good news ! can't wait for this game !

AlterEgo3974d ago

Since the multiplayer is lacking on the PS3 version, I'll buy neither.

If people with both platforms just opt for the 360 version instead of not buying altogether, the trend will never change and developers (3rd party at least) will never fully respect the PS3.

And that's something I can't partake in.

Blademask3974d ago (Edited 3974d ago )

It has multiplayer. You cant use "quick match"

I'm not buying this game because it looks like garbage. Dark lighting and normal maps dont impress me.

AlterEgo3974d ago

I know, I mean 'lacking' in features.
(btw I think it's the other way around...I think the PS3 ONLY has quick matches)

Not the lack of a mutliplayer altogether.

What exactly would be the reason for leaving out custom matches and ranked matches on the PS3 version?

Either way, I'm still not buying.

Junior45653974d ago

Well you got to think about it they started on the 360 first(most likely) and then started on the PS3 and even said they had trouble with it and since this gen mostly everything can be fixed with a patch of some sort.

The Closing3974d ago

A quick search will keep you from looking like a complete fool.

SeanScythe3974d ago

When I first saw this game it was still in space and it looked Sweet. But with all the changes and the way it looks now, I'll pass on this game. RB6:V2 is coming out and so is FFVII:CC then GTA4 so I have enough for now. Not to mention AO2 is pretty fun.

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