New Team Fortress 2 PC Update Fixes Bugs

While the wait for class-specific achievements, unlockable weapons and the new Goldrush map continues, developer Valve has released an update for the PC version of Team Fortress 2 that resolves a number of glitches.

Changes to the colorful class-based multiplayer shooter include a tweak to the critical modifier for explosive weapons, which had caused the chances of a critical hit to be higher than intended, and the addition of a damage penalty if a Demoman detonates a grenade at point-blank range.

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solar3968d ago

woooOOOoooo! finally a fix to keep the explosive crits down. seeing a soldier rattle off 3 crit rockets in a row is a scary site....because i usually catch them in the mouth :D

now...if they can finally fix the front backstab from spies. that last update didnt work. and bring on goldrush and the unlockable guns.