Romantic gamer proposes with homebrewed Bejeweled

Proposing in MMOs like World of Warcraft and Second Life is played out, so what's a gamer to do when he wants to drop to one knee and still retain his nerd credibility? Well, how about homebrewing your honey's favorite game to pop the question?

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xsteinbachx3868d ago

yah why is this hitting the front page..

heyheyhey3868d ago

way to try to hard buddy

i think when i propose, il spell it out with illegal immigrants stacked on top of each other

GiantEnemyCrab3868d ago

now that was funny. LOL

I'm sure Krazy Ken will definately say yes when you do. =)

heyheyhey3868d ago

well im glad that we agree on something- i even cracked myself up

props on your little quip too

but im sure Kaz would prefer a proposol spelt out in red rings

Leathersoup3868d ago

...and judging from your comment, you'll be spelling it incorrectly as well.

heyheyhey3868d ago

kinda hard to spell when your stacking human beings wouldn't you agree?

and i didn't see any spelling mistakes in my post

sak5003868d ago

39day old story resurfacing?????

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