'Christmas 07 will be key' - Guillemot

Ubisoft president Yves Guillemot has told that he believes Christmas 2007 will be an important factor in determining who wins the next-gen console war.

Speaking in an exclusive interview, Guillemot said, "I think next Christmas will really be key. In January 2008, we will have a really good idea of who is going to win in this generation."

Guillemot believes it's too early to predict how market share will be split in the new cycle; however, he did state, "For sure, Nintendo and Microsoft will play a bigger role than in the last cycle."

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THELANDSOFSAND5892d ago (Edited 5892d ago )

I sense by the end of 2007 it will be clear through games, sales and online support who is the winner in the generation. isn't it the first to 10 million?

I think this christmas would be more relevant, but the shortages will make it not fair in sales terms.

Tut5891d ago

That 10 million units thing is just a theory, so I wouldn't rely on it too much.

The shortages will greatly affect this thing though. As long as I get mine and games keep coming I don't care who "wins".

WhEeLz5892d ago

thats why he said christmas "07" not this year....

Sphinx5892d ago

This Christmas will be important and all, but its next Christmas that will basically proclaim the winner.

Dusk5892d ago

This Christmas, the PS3 will be mostly dwarfed by the Wii and the 360. This is due mostly to PS3 manufacturing problems and that the 360 is farther along in its game release cycle. Next Christmas, however, these two factors won't be an issue. The PS3 will have finally launched in Europe and both competing systems (360 and PS3) will have lots of games on the market.

Microsoft has already scored a huge victory with the 360's early release, however. I'm not saying which system will outsell the other, but the 360's early release has secured itself an equivalent amount (actually a little more)of developer support as the PS3. This is a huge deal. The PS2 was a far inferior system (hardware-wise) than the Xbox, but it had 10 times the developer support. Ultimately, that is what made the PS2 so successful. There were just so many more games for it, even if they didn't look or play as good.

This time around, the game output is looking to be very similar as far as numbers of supporting developers go between the two systems (with the slight edge at this point actually going to the 360). This fact alone will sell more 360s than original Xbox's. The real battle between the 360 and PS3 won't really start until Christmas 07, however.

zonetrooper55892d ago

There might be a shortage of PS3's by next year around christmas, they are trying to get many consoles to japan and north america. Then in 3-4 months time they launch in Europe which the PS3 will be in short supply. the PS3 shortages will last until, well i reckon until end of summer maybe even into fall of next year.

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