60GB Xbox 360 Will Replace 20GB Model?

TrustedReviews writes:

"Following my outing of the 16GB iPhone I have once again have attained from a rock solid source that Microsoft will be replacing the 20GB hard drive on the standard Xbox 360 with a larger 60GB version. Dates are not nailed down, but my source says Microsoft wants it done and dusted before the end of its financial year which translates as our Q2."

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spandexxking3974d ago

guess they realised that 20 gig dosent cut it!

Rikitatsu3974d ago

Pointless ;/

it will only increase the Price tag

20 GB should be enough for 360

spandexxking3974d ago

i dont think they'l increase the price on it just before GTA4. infact it would be stupid for them increase the price at all!

Silellak3974d ago

The 60 GB model is going to replace the 20 GB model. It won't cost any more.

I actually wouldn't be surprised if they lower the price of the 20 GB model then quickly replace it with the 60 GB model, or vice-versa, as a sort of 1-2 punch, so that the 60 GB model is available for $300 or so.

Lord Anubis3974d ago

so they are going to lower the 20 gig to introduce the 60 gig.

Nevers3974d ago actually were given 20gigs to use; BUT the software takes the 20gigs down to about 12-13gigs. I'm constantly erasing demos, and what-not to keep space available for new DLC. HD movies are usually too big for the space I have left, FF11 is too big now to download, and when the Conan MMO comes out I'm sure the 20giggers will be way too small. And Microsoft's HDD sold separately is way too overpriced right now. Been waiting for a price-drop on that forever now.

barom3974d ago

so basically what sony did when 80gb PS3 was introduced.

C_SoL3974d ago

Smart move by Microsoft I say...

sonarus3974d ago

very smart move. They are going after ps3 sales now. Now sony's move. In the next couple of months now that ps3 and 360 competition is heating up will be interesting to see how things play out

LJWooly3974d ago

Knowing Microsoft, it'll most likely be a double-edged sword.

Lifendz3974d ago

Especially since it's really only 13 or 14 after the OS is installed. In this day and age with downloadable games, dlc, and movies and music on your system, you need more than 20. At least 40. 60 is a great number for MS. Hopefully they drop the price on that 120 gb drive.

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meepmoopmeep3974d ago

lmao @ the_MART_atXboxRINGS

you just contradicted yourself by saying after time you just delete things... you do know the installs can be deleted?

Syko3974d ago

60 Gigs would be perfect for the 360.....What they really need to do is lower the god damn individual HDD prices though.

sak5003974d ago (Edited 3974d ago )

If 18 million gamers are using it, we wont miss one. Anway its just the inherent bias of true fanboy of other console which is not letting them buy 360 for all its games and other features. At this price and now with lesser issues concerning the hardware a true gamer should not miss out on buying one if they have spare change.

Edit: Sorry this post was in reply to the below one.
@syko 100% agreed. MS should stop screwing us gamers with 20gb models and let us buy/trade in old 20 gbs for 120/60 at special prices.

Syko3974d ago (Edited 3974d ago )

Seriously. While the 20GB HDD is enough room most of the time, every now and then it gets a little tight on space for my taste. Especially if you want to DL a HD movie off the marketplace you have to clear about 5-7gigs of space. However right now the only other option is to get a severely overpriced 120GB HDD for $180, besides being overpriced this is bigger than I need.

Since I stream all my movies and music from my computer the only thing I need the HDD for is Demos,XBLA,DLC and the occasional video rental. This is where a 60GB HDD really would be perfect for my needs. It's just knowing that this thing will be at least $100 that makes it bitter sweet.

sak5003974d ago

@Syko, as i mentioned in the edit, i was referring to the below post #3 when I said we wont miss one.

I agree that HDDs shud be brought down in price cuz i also have only 6-7gb left in my 20gig. SO we could all swap to 60 or 120 gb without crying for such high price tag.

MikeGdaGod3974d ago (Edited 3974d ago )

maybe not everyone shares your view that the 360 is something that just can't be missed. as mentioned many times before, most of the really good
games on 360 are FPS. all it takes is for someone that doesn't like FPS, wants a console that can play the winning HD format, wants a reliable system or wants to play online for free, and the 360 doesn't look like such a must buy. (especially since they keep coming with different sku's)

believe it or not, some people can do without and it has nothing to do with being a fanboy.

uxo223974d ago (Edited 3974d ago )

Although you make a good point, your point can easily be countered with by first saying, the crap that you guys have been telling yourselves about the 360 only having FPS is just that.."CRap"
There are plenty of games out there that are not FPS, there are also at least 34 games out on the 360 that are 1 million sellers 12 of this for which are multi-million unit sellers, while the PS3 and Wii have about 8(4) and 20(9) respectively. Are the million unit sellers on considered good/great games?

Second, A person in the market for a gaming console may not necessarily care about the latest in HD video, they may just want great games (that of which not even you can deny the 360 has, unless you "R" being a fanboy.)

Third, this "said person" could want to play online, but he/she wants what is currently the best online service. Me for one see XBL as worth every penny of the 50.00 it cost per year. When you give it a reasonable look, it comes out to 14 cents a day. You can't play one single game at an arcade for 14 cents per game let alone 14 cents per day. Which makes this online for free argument an argument but, a weak one.

Now, when you look at a game console from a standpoint of whether a person can do without it, then I guess all consoles fall into that category. Neither are a "must have" for anyone. But, if a person has been wanting a console all this time and had to money to spare, a 60 gig 360 for the price that a 20 gig model use to cost seems like a pretty good deal. Not to mention if the rumors of a price cut is true, the unit would be even cheaper.

So, to be honest with you, your comments about "the winning HD format", "wanting a reliable system", and not wanting to pay to play online are all valid, however the intent behind your comment was presented purely (IMO) as fanboyism.

So, instead of trying to deter everyone, why can't you admit that getting 40 gig more HD space is a good thing. I mean, isn't that the argument you guys used when the PS3 went from 60 to 80?

People around hear are always commenting that they are not a FANBOY, yet every other comment that make puts a negative slant on one of the other competing consoles. The only reason I made this comment is because it seems to me that you are trying to do just that!

So please guys, pull the troller motors out of the water. And stop fishing.

7h3ultim8p003974d ago

Ouch, scottie got called out on his fanboyism, THEN pwned.

MikeGdaGod3974d ago (Edited 3974d ago )

when i had my 360, my favorite games were Dead Rising and Gears. those were some of best games i've ever played....BUT...those were the only games i really enjoyed on the system and thats my point.

both systems have FPS and every other genre of games, and if you like FPS, 360 is your main console. i don't really like FPS, but i did get CoD4 and Resistance and enjoyed them. on the flip side i got UT3 and hated it (i really only got it to show support for the devs for allowing mods on the PS3). i'm looking forward to titles like KZ2 and Resistance2 but i'm 20x's more excited for MGS4, SOCOM, The Agency, LBP, GoW 3 and FFXIII. those are the types of games i'm really looking forward to playing.

games are the most important thing to me when i comes to buying a system. yes, if you look at all the overall games for both systems, 360 has more higher rated games that PS3. but as i stated in another thread, it means nothing to me that Bioshock, Halo 3, or Orange Box got perfect scores because i wouldn't buy them anyway, i don't like FPS. to me, if looked at the reviews and had to pick between Uncharted and Halo, i'd pick Uncharted because i know what i like. that throws your who has the best games argument out the window. i might get another 360 for some games i'm looking forward to but they are very limited: Mass Effect, Gears 1 & 2, Too Human, Dead Rising 1 & 2. i go for the system that has the most games i like and not the system that has the most games.

paying for Live is an individual decision. i just don't believe, in principle, of having to pay just to play online with others. if you pay for internet service, you shouldn't have to pay extra to use it. thats just my view. the money isn't an issue.

the HDD issue is funny. i think its good that the 360 could be getting a larger HDD. i don't think 20gb is enough, the add-on is expensive and if this does happen, i might get that sku. but i have been against the PS3 going from 60gh to 80gb because thats not alot and its already really easy to upgrade. so you'd be wrong saying i'm for the different HDD sizes for the PS3. i put a $60 120gb in mine and use the 60gb that came with it as an external. so for the record, going from 20 to 60 is good, 60 to 80 is bad, 60 to 180 is the best.

lastly, everyone may not need HD video.....but i do. i just got my second hdtv and i want to use it to its fullest potential, that means blu-ray. that may not be important to most, but it is to me and thats what i was talking about in my first post.

@ 7h3ultim8p00......not really but thanks for your imput. i know it took you awhile to think that up. i really think its silly that you can't like one system over another without being called a fanboy.

for anyone else that would like to call me a fanboy or troll or least give me some bubbles so i can respnod and explain my views clear. can't respond to everyone.

uxo223974d ago

Thanks for the sensible response. I think I better understand you point.

7h3ultim8p003968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

Ugh man scottie got pwned so hard, he had no choice but to agree to uxo's sh*t lol.

Lol, just kidding. Don't take it so seriously. You weren't being a fanboy at all.

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DanteLinkX3974d ago

Still has RRoD issues, I wouldn't buy it even if it was 500GBs

DrWan3974d ago

I cannot agree with u more, my home electronics still work after 10+ years. I dont care what warranty you have on the hardware, it shouldn't be like this. Sure after 7 yrs, I have to put my PS1 upside and sideways to play but it still plays perfectly fine and was modded with a chip. PS2 was not modded and plays just fine, just the 3 color cable a bit worn out and I am too lazy to replace it so gotta jiggle the end a bit to get the signals now, and of course all the SNES, Genesis, all that crap still works...after like what? 20 yrs?? So..what is the excuse for RROD?

I don't care what game is on it, I am not going to pigpeon hole myself into the return and fix fiasco, i don't have much time to play, let alone repair time.

ikiru33853974d ago

absolutely agree with DrWan and DanteLinkX......

i'd contemplate on getting a 360 if it was more reliable.

FAT MAN GO BOOM3974d ago

I was on my 3rd 360 and could not stand that I kept it that long...

I will not buy a launch system again from MS...

I had problems with both my xbox and 360... enough is enough...

It will bite them in the ass for sure in the next round of systems...

ceedubya93974d ago

I knew there would be at least one person to bring this up. Seeing as how we know absolutely nothing about this rumored new sku, you can't say that it will automatically have the dreaded red rings. For all we know, they could come out with a completely new model that has all of the previous problems completely fixed. Each new model has gotten a bit better, so lets hold off the assumptions until this thing is actually released before we label it faulty.

LJWooly3974d ago

Hey, come on, this is verging on open zone material...

Thoas3973d ago

Thats the reason why I haven't bought one yet. It's funny how some Xbox 360 owners go threw 4 Xbox 360 and still have fanboyism, I would buy one in a heart beat if it didn't have that RROD problem. Hopefully they fix that problem with the new 60gb.

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