GeForce 9 series prices

"GeForce 9800GX2 is expected to arrive on March 18. We told you about the MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) being $599 long ago, and we had some preliminary information on the price of the rest of the cards of the GeForce 9 series. This did not include the recently discovered GeForce 9800GTS, instead it seems like the 9800GTS and 9800Gt have been mixed up. The specifications aren't exactly breathtaking, but since the GeForce 8 series has reached the end of its life cycle, it's the GeForce 9 series that will be found in stores."

Card SPs Core clock Mem clock Launch date Price
GeForce 9800GX2 128x2 600MHz 2000MHz March 18 $599
GeForce 9800GTX 128 675MHz 2200MHz March 25 $399
GeForce 9800GTS 128 600MHz 1800MHz April 4? $299

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mighty_douche3967d ago

Quite pricey! Anyone know where i can find benchmarks, mainly for the GTS/GTX? Be appreciated.

solar3967d ago

try i think i remember seeing a link last night. its a nice site with lotsa good info. i might pick one of theses new 9 series up. have a 7800GT atm and would love a nice boost. hopefully will be able to run crysis and far cry 2 somewhat decently.

mighty_douche3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

Hey cheers for the tip, I'll check it out now.

Oh, i wouldn't hold my breath with crysis, but hopefully FC2 wont be as demanding. But any of these card's will show a MASSIVE improvement over your 7800.... MASSIVE!!

Bubbles up!

solar3967d ago

i checked and couldnt find any info on the site. bubble for steering ya wrong.

sak5003967d ago

Being an early adopter for the 7xxx series GX2 board 7950GX2 1GB single Sli, i will not touch this with 10 foot pole. The support for sli did not even turn up properly in games till 1 year later. Anyway, its better to buy the "other" console than throw money on one of these to just play handful of fps games and high rez.

solar3967d ago

im not gonna buy for just a i stated i need a major upgrade in the video card department and these could be an option.

TheIneffableBob3966d ago

I wouldn't bother with dual-GPU cards like the 7950GX2, 3870X2, and soon to be 9800GX2.. For now, at least.

Just stick to the single-GPU cards: the 9800GTX and GTS.

Charlie26883966d ago

If the prices are right they are pretty sweet and it will confirm what they have been saying about NVIDIA really contributing to putting PC gaming back in its glory days :)

solar3966d ago

ya i noticed that too. must be an ignorant console fanboy who cant accept the fact that PC's are graphically superior to consoles. oh well....let them hate on.

Fux4Bux3966d ago

Hope there's a big performance boost here because these don't look very different than the 8800s for the prices.

xsteinbachx3966d ago

yah actually im really sad seeing the specs. maybe they'll have better benches though.

Charlie26883966d ago

I think they spoiled us with the new 8800GT and 8800GTS that have the same G92 tech found in the 9000 series but if you actually look at it the performance was BRUTAL like how the new 8800GTS is the same or light better than the 8800ULTRA

BUt I think the 9800 GTS and GTX might do the trick