Metal Gear Solid 4: 10 Predictions

Sometimes, Games Radar are not even sure Hideo Kojima knows what's going on inside his own head. PSone's Metal Gear Solid tossed around confusingly deep philosophical arguments like popcorn, MGS2's last hour turned our brains inside out so often they got indigestion of the mind, and MGS4... Where do they start?

Well, how about by predicting some of the plot twists, shocks and effects that Kojima will inevitably weave into his last (huh, he's said that before) Metal Gear adventure. Games Radar have had a mindstorming session to size up the potential plot and gameplay madness, and this is what they came up with.

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sonarus3974d ago (Edited 3974d ago )

1 prediction: Game of the yr 2008

Great predictions by games radar though

Exhaust3974d ago (Edited 3974d ago )

MGS4 is going to be great and I'm buying it on day one but GOTY I doubt.

Innovation and originality are normally the criteria for GOTY and I see GTA IV, Resistance 2, LBP or Gears 2 having a better chance at doing something new and refreshing.

Don't get me wrong I'm excited for this game but its very niche. We'll see maybe its just personal preference.

Great article though.

sonarus3974d ago (Edited 3974d ago )

yea i understand why i don't even expect many people to agree with me but i am sticking to my prediction and i am marking down those who are doubting so at the end of the yr i can say i told you so lol. Its going to be really close between LBP and MGS4. Resistance2 and KZ2 can only shine in shooter of the yr category or best multiplayer or something. Gears 2 has no chance of winning. No offense to the gears fans but i think it will come too late or lack the innovation could be one or the other. If not LBP or MGS4 for game of the yr, it has to be some unexpected multiplatform game but it will be close between MGS4 and LBP. Could go either way but i am sticking to MGS4.

And for the record considering this is MGS first outing on next gen i expect it to be quite innovative for a sequel. The little gameplay enhancements we have seen and i am sure there is still some stuff we havn't seen. Kojima dosen't make MGS4 every yr. He wouldn't make it unless it was fabulous. He would have let someone else do it. But he came back my guess because he had some fabulous idea that no one else has thought of that will blow every one away and give it that GOTY title.

RIPHDDVD3974d ago (Edited 3974d ago )

There's nothing original or innovative about GTA4. It's doing nothing new at all. Gears 2 will be no different from Gears 1. Slightly improved graphics and more enemies on screen is nothing to brag about. They've made a few improvements to the garbage that is the Unreal Engine. Big deal. Resistance 2 is GOTY material mainly because it will have 2 campaigns, 60 players online, 8 player co-op, epic boss fights "never before seen in an FPS", etc. LBP is innovative as well. Show me a console game that ever attempted what LBP is doing. GTAIV will be overrated as usual but it won't win GOTY. You seem to be forgetting about all the games coming out this year for some reason. GTA has always been garbage for me. And did you forget about Fallout 3? Lol.

TheTwelve3974d ago

GTAIV as GOTY? Heck no. It's going to be either this, LBP, or Resistance 2...but I'd guess LBP.


gambare3974d ago

agreed, metalgear is a blockbuster everywhere

wowsauce3974d ago

I don't even like metal gear anymore (for reason number one in this article. [email protected] social commentary.) and I know resistance 2 isn't even going to compete with it.

Exhaust3974d ago (Edited 3974d ago )

This is GTA's first next gen outing too and Rockstar has only revealed 30% of the details of GTA IV.

MGS was a great game last generation but incredibly ground breaking it was not. GTA was.

The people on this site just want to put down GTA IV because their butt hurt the PS3 isn't getting exclusive content.

Mark me down. I'm in for the bet. I'll be on N4G at the end of the year we'll see who's eating their words or not.

@1.4 What was the incredible innovation MGS brought to gaming last generation? If you have half a memory you know what a HUGE impact GTA had. Don't doubt Rockstar just cause you ain't getting extra content for the black box you worship. Calling me a retard for remembering last generation now that... thats RETARDED.

HighDefinition3974d ago

You seem like you just pretend to be "non-bias" but actually seem like you prefer the 360 more. Any chance you have to attack the PS brand you do.

Exhaust3974d ago

I've commented on RROD issue being huge and expensive HDD add on's and XBL outages you just don't see that cause all you care about is protecting the PS3.

Look at all the disagrees I got because my list of possible GOTY candidates weren't all PS3. 2 of them were and a third was multiplatform yet everyone jumps on the disagree button. Its clear as day the PS3 fans have abandoned GTA IV simply because of the exclusive DLC. They forgot GTA III had a massive impact on the success of the PS2.

I'll admit I'm a GTA fanboy but in no way do I put any of the three consoles before the games. Its sad that the people on this site do. They're more interested in rooting for the hardware than the games themselves the whole point of the hardware.

Disagree with me all you want. I'll be here at the end of the year we'll see who's opinion was closer to reality. If I'm wrong I'll own up to it while most you fanboys will spin your way out pointing blame anywhere you can.

Disagrees only prove how biased you fanboys are. I'm getting disagrees from 360 fanboys for including 2 PS3 games in my list and disagrees with PS3 fanboys for not trashing GTA IV. Weak. Feed me disagrees I love it.

Kleptic3974d ago

^^but GTA III was 'fresh and innovative' along the same level that the first Halo was...this generation...neither are anything overwhelmingly new...

Just like Halo 3, GTAIV has large amounts of competition from sandbox type games...GTAIV isn't really reinventing the series...its just having a deeper story, and all the 'next generation' stuff piled on it...its the same core experience though as GTA III...

not saying that MGS4 will be GOTY either...without much doubt I think that will go to LBP...that is by far the most innovative game being released this year...

MGS4 and GTAIV will probably be 2 of the best games this year though...even though they are not entirely new from a gameplay perspective...

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HighDefinition3974d ago

You`ll see what 50GB can do for a videogame.

mighty_douche3974d ago

I've been predicting "young" Snake returning for a long time now (i know a lot of us have). I just cant see why they constantly refer to him as "old" snake otherwise, hell, even the HUD shows "old". It's all a little fishy.

Great article! Cheers BloodMask

mighty_douche3974d ago (Edited 3974d ago )

Playing as Raiden in the Ninja Suit would KICK ASS! Bringing down Mini Metal Gears with dual swords!

(just cos of the suit really o_O)

RJ20003974d ago

I seriously thought it was Big Boss... till the patch was on his left eye and not his right. So close...

Killjoy30003974d ago (Edited 3974d ago )

raiden really sucks to me. did you guys know why that character was even invented? to cater to a fe-male audience...not that thats bad but wtf are you serious? im not trying to be a hater but seriously.
Sorry Raiden, but dressing up like Grey Fox doesn't make you cool. go home and cuddle rosemary you wuss!!!

RecSpec3974d ago

Thank you! I thought I was the only one who still hated Raiden. Just because he is this game's ninja doesn't change the fact that he still sucks.

ps the ninja always dies.

Corrupt3974d ago (Edited 3974d ago )

Raiden was created to allow the player to view Snake as a legend in the eyes of someone else. Raiden went through the whole game trying to be like Snake (even his VR training was based on Snake's former mission), it was only at the end when Raiden finally realised he couldn't be like Snake that he started accomplishing anything.

Killjoy30003974d ago

actually corrupt, kojima says it himself in the history of metal gear video. you can see it on youtube. he specifically says that it was made because of a group of people formed in a room. it was some kind of group discussion and the girls mentioned that they were tired of seeing old, muscular, harry men as heroes in videogames. kojima drew inspiration from this and convinced the team artist to draw up a character that was young, cool (hes lame though), and a real smart ass. this was how raiden was born.

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spandexxking3974d ago (Edited 3974d ago )

number 11: its going to be kick ass!

Bleucrunch3974d ago

forget all this prediciting crap and June hurry up and come already. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetaaaaaaaaa aaaallllllllllll GEEEEEEEEEEEEEAR!

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