Street Fighter IV Machine Costs 2,394,000 (Yen)

" of me posting this second, converts to $23,479."

Tops is accepting international orders, get your credit card out.

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mighty_douche3967d ago

Look's like I'll be waiting for the Console version.

Unless everyone here at N4G wants to chip in a little each? We'll keep it at my house right?

kewlkat0073966d ago

we can cook up some "remote play"..on this end

RIPHDDVD3966d ago

Is Capcom retarded? Why haven't they announced a console version yet? I mean, there's a rumor that it's going to be PS3 exclusive but yeah, none of that was actually confirmed by Crapcom. It'd be the least they can do for PS3 owners after giving 360 owners an exclusive (Dead Rising). Street Fighter should stay exclusive to Japanese consoles.

socomnick3966d ago

Only thing I can agree to is that both of you are idiots.

ryuyasho3966d ago

just getting back Basics. Back in the day, they made first the arcades and the consoles cartriges, oohh, the cartriges... I just felt nostalgia...

VirusE3966d ago

You could buy a small fleet of KIAs with that much dough.

sandip7873966d ago


no thanks Capcom. its tempting, but theres quite a while before i lose my senses and fork out that much money

liquidsnake3966d ago

There better be console versions.

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The story is too old to be commented.