New Street Fighter IV trailer

Capcom published another trailer of Street Fighter IV. This time Chun-Li and Crimson Viper fight with each other. Enjoy.

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nigelsama3929d ago

Why didnt they make the game look like that? From the the first trailer i have been saying that they show us this beautiful teaser trailer, make me drool and then the game looks like it could be done on the sega 32x!

RecSpec3929d ago

What exactly are you trying to say about the 32x huh?

Maldread3929d ago

Agree it should be possible, and it would look so cool too (damn i sounded like a schoolgirl there didn`t i ;))

BWS19823929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

who thoroughly enjoys the look of the "3D sprites" they've worked up; I think it's beautiful, of course though I went to school for that stuff so I have a different opinion (not saying it's more valid due to my background, just different). For some reason this style has disappointed a lot of folks, I love it. And by the way I don't feel the 32X could handle it, technically I feel it's pretty advanced actually...

Anyone hear about the Street Fighter movie they're working up with Kristen Kruek (Lana Lang from Smallville) as Chun Li? Now that is something I might get disappointed over....the odds of another Street Fighter movie being amazing? well....

Guwapo773929d ago

My 32x would crumbled under this game. As for the game...I so happy they moved from sprites to 3D models while keeping the 2D fighting style. The 2D hand drawn back grounds are pretty nice indeed. So in the end...I believe the vision of the new game artist is the right one.

As for Street Fighter The Movie part 2...umm...I would have gone with someone Chinese, hell even Lucy Lu with some computer enhanced legs.

Also, to have the story evolve around Chung Li is a bad decision. I would have gone with Sagat, Ken or Ryu.

nigelsama3929d ago

32x was just a joke. I know it couldnt be done on 32x but that trailer vs what the game looks like, no comparrison! I mean at least when they did the fake killzone 2 trailer they tried there best to get it there.

BWS19823928d ago

Actually Kristen Kruek is half Chinese (and half Dutch), her mother was 100%.

Monty_The_Great3929d ago

trailer, but i can't really get excited for this game unless its released on consoles. because IMO if it only gets released in arcades here in america then it will flop horribly because, seriously, who plays arcades anymore?

Guwapo773929d ago

What is up with you guys and this console thing? Street Fighter series has to see its time in the Arcades and then move to the consoles a few months later.

The game will come to the consoles and when it does it usually has a few added bonuses the original version did not.

Monty_The_Great3929d ago

this console thing? what does that even mean? I used to play in the arcades when i was 10 or 11 because they were better than consoles. Then when I got my N64 lost all interest in arcades. Since the PS2's release 8 years ago, I am pretty sure this "console thing" has become a little bigger than arcades.

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