Games Radar: Sega Bass Fishing Review

A more precise casting scheme is just one of the modern elements that the game lacks. There's an updated look that's fairly nice (thank goodness), but not only is there no online play, there's no multiplayer mode at all. Games Radar's fondest memories of fishing games - and also of actual fishing, come to think of it - all involve multiple people. Let people play together. Also, clearer instructions about how to use the various lures would be welcome, as would the chance to customize your character's clothes, appearance, or voice.

These aren't crippling faults; they're just a too-strong reminder that this is an enhanced arcade game, not a full-blown, evolutionary sequel. Of course, if arcade-y is what you are looking for, then you'll really like Sega Bass Fishing, especially at a lower-than-normal retail price.

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