PALGN: Unreal Tournament III Review

PALGN writes: Generally speaking, games that are ported from the PC to a console end up lacking in comparison to the original. However, UTIII on the PS3 bucks this trend and does so quite spectacularly. Obviously, there have been some necessary concessions but as far as ports go this happens to be a good one. Interestingly, you could argue that the line between port and development lead is somewhat blurred. Upon it's original release, PC gamers were a tad disappointed with an interface that seemed to favour a console setup. And so the plot thickens…

One aspect of the port that is very impressive is how well the graphics and presentation have come through. Epic have out done themselves, as the game arguably looks better than their other graphical showcase, Gears of War. That being said, it seems that Epic are rather proud of the art style that they've come up with, as the game looks remarkably similar to Gears. UTIII manages to look better because of a greater variety in the levels and the fact that it's much more vibrant. Character designs are similarly exaggerated but this time round, they're much more realistically animated.

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