Turning Point - the interview

Guardian Unlimited writes: Another day another first person shooter, but Turning Point looks a little different. Influenced by the book "What If" by Robert Cowley, Turning Point is set in an alternate 1953 where the Nazi's have invaded the US after previously conquering Europe and the Soviet Union. No space marines comparing muscle tone here then. I recently spoke about the game with David Brickley, executive producer at Codemasters.

Q: The Xbox 360 is chock full of shooters - how do you make yours stand out from a genre dominated by heavyweights like Halo and Call of Duty?

A: I think FPS has moved beyond being thought of as a single genre - Halo is Sci Fi, CoD has gone modern and so is up against the Tom Clancy titles now. Not every shooter fan plays every type of shooter because there are elements of each that may turn people off. With Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, you have a team that's had experience going all the way back to the PS1 of making WWII FPS now taking that detailed knowledge to imagine an authentic 'what if' scenario that, pretty amazingly really, hasn't been done before as an FPS. And whereas Halo and CoD are fantastic titles, there's an almost instinctive appeal in wanting to see New York fall, or how Washington DC could have become a ghetto, that neither they nor anyone else can offer.

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