Rumor - 80GB Metal Gear Solid 4 Bundle heading to UK

Now this is a rumor which can be taken no more than a grain of salt until we here from more reliable sources. However a forum post from the Official Nintendo Magazine boards has someone claiming that his local retailer has been told to 'Prepare for It'

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TheHater3906d ago

I hope this get release in the UK and other European countries. I don't think it fair for them to miss out on this bundle.

sonarus3906d ago

yea this is the wisest move considering MGS4 has major fans all over the world. Can't deny them a bundle plus its got dualshock.

HighDefinition3906d ago

all you UK PS3 owners need to stop complaining about what NA gets, cause this more than makes up for it.

TheTwelve3906d ago

Would an MGS4 bundle sell like crazy in the UK?


So will an MGS4 bundle be released in the UK?


It's very simple. Sony and Konami and Hideo want to make money, after all.


resistance1003906d ago

Agreed, it makes sence, still im surprised there isn't a Movie bundle annouced for the US yet, however there is for Europe.

Still if europe don't get the 80GB, i expect there to be a 40GB MGS bundle at the very least

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mighty_douche3906d ago

I hope it does. I have about 5 friend's with money waiting for this!

sonarus3906d ago

metal gear solid rocks. considering mgs4 world wide fanbase i truly think a million day 1 is very possible. Especially if there is strong marketing and advertising, retailer contribution and a midnite launch

mighty_douche3906d ago

I'd be there at midnight bro! No doubt!

HighDefinition3906d ago

I can`t wait to start seeing the commercials.

HighDefinition3906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )

Bring out the disagrees!

That`s how you know it`s that great.

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UnblessedSoul3906d ago

It would be a wise decision indeed

pwnmaster30003906d ago

is over for 360 after this it will be in last place in sales oh wait it already is hahahahahahahahahaha lets hope it can even pass the gba after this hahahahahah cmon 360 im rooting for u can beat gba.

The Wood3906d ago

where art thou

c u next time

3906d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.