Possible Star Wars KOTOR MMO Evidence Surfaces

After BioWare and LucasArts made a deal last year to work together, the internet was ablaze with speculation about a new Star Wars MMO in the works. It makes sense considering the popularity of the Knights of the Old Republic series from BioWare and the much poorer status among fans of the non-BioWare Star Wars Galaxies. 1UP more recently reported that the game was in fact a new MMO set in the KOTOR framework, a claim that was quickly denied by Electronic Arts.

Today, a tipster contacted 1UP with portions of a script for what was said to be a "Star Wars online" game. The script's description of the game reads:

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wow4u3965d ago

*Please* let this be true. KOTOR is a landmark game. Its one of the industry's most anticipated games for sure.