Sony Says: Microsoft Mulls Blu-ray for Xbox 360

Reading Microsoft's response in the Financial Times (requires registration) cynically, one can't help but wonder whether the Redmond-based company wishes Sony had kept it's yap shut. "We have made no such announcement," said Microsoft. "Games are what are driving consumers to purchase game consoles and we remain focused on providing the largest library of blockbuster games available." Which they have, if we judge purely on the basis of software units moved.

The questions now, as I see them, are as follows:

- Does Microsoft view Blu-ray as critical technology in terms of high definition (and true 1080p) hardware video playback? I think the answer to this comes down to where Sony's surge in PS3 sales in January came from, and whether that surge continues in the absence of corresponding video game sales.

- Does Microsoft recognize that doing 1080p -- even streaming -- by download as opposed to physical media is a fool's errand for another half decade (or longer)? Downloadable content as complementary = fabulous. But downloadable content as stand-in for physical media is insanity. Unless you want to also bundle in a cheap 10 Terabyte drive. Lost Season Three alone could probably fill up a good sized chunk of a 1 Terabyte spindle (and don't try to convince me I don't need 1080p -- I do, and I'm not going back, thanks for asking).

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g4n3969d ago

you'll need "everyone" on a much faster pipe, like Verizon FIOS, and extremely large hdd's before UXGA quality downloads are a reality... 50gb on a dvd size disk is the "norm" now and its not expected for you to have 50gb of disk space for one game. in the 90's 750mb was a lot of hdd space, hence the cd-rom. blu-ray IS just the next evolution of optical disks. cd-rom(750mb to dvd (10gb) was over 1000% increase in space. the blu-ray (50gb) is oonly a 500% increase, so its not even up to par. do you now see why HD-dvd never stood a chance like ALL technical experts said from day one? and Sony, give m$ the dam blu-ray, it wil. oonly help you...

TheD_R_E3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

and with the state of our economy right now, I don't think that people will be picking up extremely fast internet connections, capable of d/l'ing movies in a resonable time, in "massive" numbers for years. HDTV's will take off however due to the switch to digital in a year and that plays right into blu-ray's success. Hell I just recently bought my HDTV in January and never want to go back. It's this digital download stuff that won't take off for quite some time.

Oh and Bubbles for you man.

marinelife93969d ago

I agree with him about 1080P. You don't want to go backwards for downloadable content once you've experienced it.

TheExecutive3969d ago

Bluray is the new format. MS will cave in at some point. It is only a matter of time and both of them know it.

Blaine3968d ago

I don't think it'd be caving in. In fact, I think Microsoft should have closely examined this possibility from the start. A lot of people will say the PS3 has (or had) no games (I'm not one of them), which is relatively true if you compare it to the 360's library, so what we have been left with for a long time is a BD player. Now, imagine if MS, instead of a peripheral HD-DVD drive, had had a BD drive from the start: the biggest reason to get a PS3 would now be on the 360 as well. Had the 360 had the games AND the BD movie playing capabilities, then the PS3 would be in serious trouble at this point. However (and I say thankfully), MS went with the HD-DVD drive instead.

The question now is whether MS can still implement a BD drive and undermine the PS3's advantage, or if it's too late and the PS3 already has enough steam on it's own in the gaming department to take the lead.

The Wood3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

not directly in terms for finance but the consumers who are growing use to this multi-use consumer goods trend might see the all in 1 ps3 package as the most cost effective choice. Not everybody will care but if ms thought that nobody would of cared about things other than gaming or that they themselves did not want the type of consumer I described they would not of introduced a hd dvd add on.

P4KY B3969d ago

Put Sony components inside MS machine and let MS take care of the software.

Could the Xbox720 and the PS4 be the same thing?

TheTwelve3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

You're going waaaay too far. This isn't communism where everybody should be one big happy family. I would hate that. Competition is good, and may Microsoft and Sony always be different at each other's throats!! (And may Sony always use Linux!!!) We gamers benefit from it!

Anyways, Microsoft keeps talking about "games sell consoles". True. But Games + Blu-Ray sells MORE consoles.


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