Sony Doesn't Repair Your Laptop For 3 Months, Accuses You Of Warranty Fraud

From Consumerist:

"Screaming, that's real professional. Sounds like Daniela needs some TLE, tender loving escalation, and hopscotch over these nimnorks. We recommend choosing one of two routes, either the EECB (executive email carpet bomb) or calling executive customer service."

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HighDefinition3967d ago

They sent my PS3 back in 2 weeks, it was unbelievable considering it took my 360 almost 2 months the first time it "bit the dust".

The Wood3967d ago

the only problem any of my friends who have a ps3 had was that 1 of their usb ports stopped working

this bad news about the ps3 reminds me of last year. nostalgia

incogneato3967d ago

Sony's customer support is amazing. I got a new controller in the mail in just a few days after sending in my damaged one.

It's obvious the Xbox fanboys just want to bash Sony because Microsoft's product is defective and so is their repair/exchange program.

uxo223967d ago

based on the title, isn't this article about a laptop computer. Who asked about a PS3? Why is this being compared to the 360? I don't get it?

And to support this story, I have a vaio laptop on underneath a stack of books right now, that was rendered worthless after installing a Sony issued bios update. After calling sony, they told me that the update had a bug in it and that they apologize. The ten told me that all systems under warranty would be fixed for free. However since mine was out of warranty, it would cost me 740 bucks to replace the system board being the bios was soldered on.

I'm not still made at sony, I'm over it. But, I will say this, I believe that this story could be true.

sonarus3967d ago

in the past 3yrs i have bought 3 laptops each costing over 1200. first i bought a compaq which failed after a yr due to some issues with the mother board. Then i foolishly bought another compaq(i was a compaq guy lol) which once again failed after a yr. I decided to invest more money and bought a vaio. Best decision i have made 2 yrs running and it still works almost as good as new. My compaqs became slow after about 3 months. I have to say if i had to buy again i will go with sony.

wAtdaFck3967d ago

Agreed. I have a 5 year old Vaio which still runs good as new.

Mu5afir3967d ago

My Sony 20" TV has been running for the past 15 years without a problem.

spandexxking3967d ago

did i miss somthing i thought this was about laptops!:) but i know what you mean i threw out a ten year old sony tv and it still worked but bought a ps3 so a HDTV was inevitable.

Arkham3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

Sent in my launch-model PS2 3 years after the fact due to DREs, they shipped it back fully repaired, parts replaced, with a new warranty, within 6 days. I only paid to ship it to the depot (about 14 bucks).

This story was only posted because it says "Sony". It's otherwise irrelevant, and probably only posted for some sort of tit-for-tat reason over 360-repair/service stories.

HighDefinition3967d ago

My PS3 was 2 weeks completely free!

That`s great service

Lotto3967d ago

You cant trust consumerist. Anyone can make a story up and send it to them. They dont need any proof other then your word for it.

Lotto3967d ago

I said the same thing about the site when it was reporting a story about the red ring of death. Fool

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