Atkinson: 'Boobs Get in The Way of Gaming' Live host reveals her love of Nintendo's Wii despite breast-related issues

TV babe Gemma Atkinson has praised Nintendo's Wii in the build up to Live.

The Hollyoaks star will be hosting Live at Wembley Stadium on March 15th and 16th, which boasts titles such as Ghostbusters and The Force Unleashed, as well as performances from the likes of We Are Scientists.

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longduckdong4974d ago

boobs and games make me happy

Area_514973d ago

I would have to agree with you on this one!! I mean cmon bOObs and games need i say it again bOObs and games.

decapitator4973d ago

Damn, everyone is asking me where I got that picture from ? lol.. Guys, do a google search, there are tons of them.

butterfinger4973d ago

get in the way of my gaming;) Haha...

Syko4973d ago

Well it's hard to feel sympathy for girls who get "Bolt-ons"

If you are naturally gifted then I sympathize.

moses4973d ago (Edited 4973d ago )


mmj4973d ago

To be fair she's hardly the sharpest tool in the box, probably didn't weigh up the practicalities of breast implants. ;P

Tsalagi4973d ago

Well that's why you be a good boyfriend/husband and help hold them out of the way while she games. 8D

Statix4973d ago

In more ways than one.

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The story is too old to be commented.