Bethesda: Fallout 3 September release date isn't fixed

According to CVG, a September 9 date for Fallout 3 sent to retailers by Sony isn't correct.

"September 9 isn't the release date," said Bethesda's Pete Hines. "The release date is Fall 2008. Until you see something official from us on when the game will be out, take any date you see from anyone with large grains of salt."

At present the RPG is put down for a Q3 release with the Ps3, 360 and PC versions all shipping simultaneously.

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solar3967d ago

for those who have played both a console and PC versions of the Fallout series....which would u suggest? this will be my first Fallout game and im worried about control schemes. any help will result in a bubble. this game sounds very cool and looks good.

green3967d ago

will be my 1st as well.but i am sure it will translate well to consoles.hopefully

pwnmaster30003967d ago

i saw a video of the fallout series and it looks crappy
please tell me this isnt it