Wii remote now able to learn new commands in minutes

Nintendo has announced the immediate availability of LiveMove, a new AI product enabling the Wii remote to learn.

LiveMove is an Artificial Intelligence product that has been created to allow developers to quickly transfer creative ideas into game development. Training the Wii remote now need only take a few minutes and Nintendo hopes LiveMove will enable developers to unleash the potential of the Wii.

"This revolutionary tool liberates the imaginations of game creators. We are more than happy to share this collaborative LiveMove tool with independent Wii software developers all over the world. From a cowboy's lasso to a samurai's sword or a chef's cooking utensils, we just can't wait to play the developers' new, 'unexpected' applications," said Genyo Takeda, Senior Managing Director/General Manager of Integrated Research & Development Division, Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Sphinx6188d ago

I am also very interested to see what happens with future Wii games. I am most looking forward to a Star Wars game, swinging around my lightsaber like a Jedi on crack!

Maddens Raiders6188d ago

It'll somehow unlock all of the hidden graphics capabilities of the Wii so that it won't display GC2.0 looking graphics. I can't wait! Now that would be cool!!! =]

FordGTGuy6188d ago

it sounds good but it does have its downs.

eepiccolo6188d ago

I imagine this could be great for indy developers who are already on a tight time and money budget. They can incorporate more interactive Wiimote controls without having to go through a lot of trouble coding the movement responses by hand.

This has nothing to do with graphics (I know, that was a joke, but still...), and I certainly don't see what the downs are.


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F-Zero 99 is Peak Nintendo, But Not the F-Zero We Wanted

F-Zero 99 is a fantastic new way to play the franchise, but it falls far short of a new game built for modern hardware.

PRIMORDUS5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

I would have loved a F-Zero GX remake, not remaster, or a brand new F-Zero game.😞

Agent755d ago

The problems with that are it'd probably weigh in at a full price game and it wouldn't include the AX tracks that are weirdly in the GameCube version but can't be accessed.

PRIMORDUS4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Actually I thihk you can get the AX tracks but it's really hard to do it.
But I think you might still need to find the arcade of AX, that would be nearly impossible today. There is hope, there is a rom hack for the GC rom that has all the AX tracks in there. 😁 Just search for: F-Zero AX Direct Boot

Abear214d ago

This. Why Nintendo won’t fan service us with this and give Wave Race the same treatment is beyond me. Switch 2 launch games would sell them out of consoles, but we’ll prolly just get another Mario because they figure that’s enough. Sadly, they are correct.

Soy4d ago

If you want more F-Zero, make sure to give this one some love then.

sadraiden4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Was Tetris 99 a new game built for modern hardware? What about Mario 99?

Does this person not know that Fzero 99 is built on the SNES title? Were they actually expecting a brand new Fzero game? hahahahaha
Also, what's with all of the spammy ass tags?