Gemma Atkinson promotional photo alert

Gemma's co-hosting Live with perennial games presenter Iain Lee. UK Resistance is not entirely convinced Gemma knows very much about games, but that's unlikely to have been the main reason she was booked.

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wAtdaFck3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

It dissapoints me to see how low game adverts could reach so...low. I mean, we play video games, and we love them to death! When hot chicks pick up a controller, you instantly get the feeling that they purposefully put a hottie there to market ANYTHING. I mean, your not looking at the controller, your looking at the women. That should dissapoint you, seeing that Video Games stand for more than just a product of (hot) adverts.

I'm a PS3 owner (or fanboy...meh), and it saddens me to see a 360 controller and a Wiimote up there as well being used as...what? Display Props?! I bet they don't even know what they're doing. She's not holding the controller right, but he is (index fingers over R and L buttons). And that TV isn't even on (smart one).

They're showing off their bodies, and they're using YOUR hobbies to do it. If they think that they need to hold a controller to attract the video game community, count me out. They made porn for a reason. And it goes the other way. The Video Games industry doesn't need hot women to market their shtuff. We're already a fast growing industry, invading your homes!

DarkSniper3969d ago

Dark Sniper shares this same opinion about Attack of The Show's Olivia Munn. Very beautiful face that knows absolutely nothing about gadgetry or games.



Munn is a goddess.. But yeah, she don't know jack sh1t about games or tech. She knows about hair spray and brushes, and PS3rd Play House. GAHAHAHAHAHA

Tempist3969d ago

Who's Gemma Atkinson? She's not really attractive.

mighty_douche3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

She's just some bird that got sacked from a teen drama here in the UK (hollyoaks). So she did what any self respecting actress should, got a boob job and started getting them out for the lad's.

spandexxking3969d ago

i only watch hollyoaks for hot girls. perfect for morning tv!

Jack T3969d ago

Gemma's tits are 100% real. Unlike the 2005 Killzone 2 trailer.

sandip7873969d ago

gemma atkinson is FIT....
that pik of her there is crap, you should have got an actual pik of her showing off her assets :D

Atomic3969d ago

At least , she is a Playstation fangirl.

wAtdaFck3969d ago

I'm embarrassed. The photo shoot directer just threw a PS3 controller her way, and she just smiles for the camera.

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The story is too old to be commented.