Another take on PSP phone, or Sony Ericsson's own iPhone patent

Today another Sony Ericsson patent application, called "Orientation based multiple mode mechanically vibrated touchscreen display", has surfaced.

It shows that earlier configuration was not the only way that SE could bring the PSP phone to the market.

Another possibility would be a handset with a full touch screen display, accelerometer or other orientation sensor, and a haptics feedback set-up, that can be reconfigured through software between PSP and phone functionality.

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Lord Anubis3968d ago

it should be all touch screen like the iPhone so it doesn't have all those unsexy buttons and can switch between game and caller.

whoelse3968d ago

Theres no way they can deny a PSP Phone now!

THE_JUDGE3968d ago

light enough and not too bulky, this would be a sure fire winner. They could make all the games downloadable.

sevanig3967d ago

Use their new UIQ4 interface with integrated XMB for psp/media use,
plus with a back catalog of games from the psp... This is pure gold...

They will probably launch it side by side with Gran Turismo Mobile...