Hands-On: Call of Duty 3

If call of Duty 3 is any indication, there's plenty of ammo left in World War II shooters. New single and multiplayer hands on!

"We want to take things to a whole new level."

If there was one recurring theme in our recent visit to see Call of Duty 3 at Activision's office in sunny southern California, that was it. The third installment of the insanely popular World War II shooter looks to outshine its predecessors in a number of ways. Considering the success and wide acclaim of Call of Duty 2 on Xbox 360, Developer Treyarch, that with Call of Duty 3 takes the series' reigns away from Infinity Ward, definitely has an uphill battle ahead.

Being the first Call of Duty game to simultaneously hit the Xbox 360 and PS3, Treyarch is not only pushing the gameplay boundaries of the series, but the visual ones as well. Call of Duty 3 will sport entirely new environments, and in general, everything is looking sharper and crisper than it did last time. It even upped the ante in smaller areas like implementing active foliage and spiffing up explosion colors for that extra level of detail.

THAMMER16198d ago

This and Gears WIll take up so much of my time next month.

Captain Tuttle6198d ago

is going to be great but have you ever read a bad preview or hand-on report of a game? According to the gaming press, every game they write up a preview on is going to be amazing.


if the online play is as good at COD2, its a must buy. Better graphics and missions would be welcome too...

borgome6198d ago

Gr he he he he eeaaaassssssy.

zonetrooper56198d ago

Call of Duty 3, FEAR, Gears of War and many other games are gonna keep my Xbox 360 busy heheheh heheha hah ha hah ha hahh mua hah hah hahhah hah a

p.s. muahhahahuahauhahahahhah


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Ten best games from the 2000s you may have missed

The 2000s was a great decade for a lot of brilliant video games. Here are the ten best games of the 2000s that you may not have played.

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isarai282d ago

You know usually when someone says "you may have missed" it's games that were lesser known, hidden gems, underrated games. These are all super high profile games that sold extremely well.

FPS_D3TH282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

You know the 2000s is 20 years ago too? Maybe, just maybe this wasn’t an article targeted to 30+ gamers? Still says at the very beginning of the title “THE BEST GAMES you may have missed”. Regardless of how well they sold there’s tons of gamers who haven’t touched these older well known games lol.

Welshy282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

It's games you "may have missed", insinuating you were around and gaming in the 2000's and were there to miss them. If it was aimed at everyone else then they missed literally everything, not just the top games.

The original commenter is right, this is a badly written article at best pointless at worst.

Crows90282d ago

Besides only being able to miss it if you were around during that time..if your point stands then this is a horrible list. Tons of better games people may have missed

XxINFERNUSxX282d ago

I would like the original max payne remade in a new engine with ray tracing. 😊

FPS_D3TH282d ago

Remedy games already working on that and I’m so stoked for it

XxINFERNUSxX282d ago

Oh yeah thanks for reminding me I totally forgot they were doing it. Also what the hell happened to Kingpin: Reloaded? On Steam coming soon and nohting from the dev.

MadLad282d ago

Yeah, I was just going to say. It's interesting seeing them back behind the series. Max Payne 3 was amazing, but then Rockstar just sat on the IP.
Well, they sit on virtually anything that isn't GTA and Red Dead now.

porkChop282d ago

What is this list? These are all hugely popular games. I was expecting games like Dark Messiah of Might & Magic, Advent Rising, Arx Fatalis, etc.

FPS_D3TH282d ago

the title didn’t say lesser known titles from the 2000s. This is 20 years ago now lol. Big assumption this list was made for older gamers.

Dirty_Lemons281d ago

That makes me feel so old.

Inverno282d ago

I've only played 3 on that list. Part of me feels bad about how little I used all the consoles I've owned as a kid. One bright side is, there's over 30 years of games to experience for the first time.

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All Call of Duty Games Ranked from Worst to Best

BLG writes: "Call of Duty has to be the most recognizable franchise on the planet. They didn’t get that way by only making a handful of games.

COD has a long and storied career. Launching as a PC WW2 first-person shooter, Call of Duty has gone through numerous makeovers and been on just about every system. The series has gone through some serious highs and tragic lows. I’ll be looking at each Call of Duty game, the good the bad, and the ugly."

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UnSelf592d ago

Vanguard better be at the fkn bottom. Can’t believe ppl haven’t eviscerated that game with all its lacking

Minimoth592d ago

Yeah, it's close to the bottom. There are a couple of worse ones. Infinite Warfare definitely deserves its place.

KyRo592d ago

There's a number a lot worse than Vangaurd. It's also a lot better than that car crash Treyarch released before it.

XbladeTeddy592d ago

World at War is my favourite. Didn't know the N-Gage had a Call of Duty.

MadLad592d ago

Same for me.
I was never huge into Call of Duty, but I sunk a lot of time into WaW.
Both the campaign and the multiplayer are on point. Wouldn't mind a remaster.

I quit on CoD for a long while. Though I'm the odd man out that actually really enjoyed the campaign for WWII, being I got it through Humble monthly way back when.

TheLigX592d ago

I really enjoyed the Infinite campaign. Multiplayer... not so much.

Yppupdam592d ago

I agree, The Infinite campaign feels more like it's own thing that they slapped the CoD name on. If it stood on it's own, (sans the CoD name) I think it could have been it's own scifi franchise. And a damn good looking game, to boot. I never bothered to play the multiplayer.