Hands-On: Call of Duty 3

If call of Duty 3 is any indication, there's plenty of ammo left in World War II shooters. New single and multiplayer hands on!

"We want to take things to a whole new level."

If there was one recurring theme in our recent visit to see Call of Duty 3 at Activision's office in sunny southern California, that was it. The third installment of the insanely popular World War II shooter looks to outshine its predecessors in a number of ways. Considering the success and wide acclaim of Call of Duty 2 on Xbox 360, Developer Treyarch, that with Call of Duty 3 takes the series' reigns away from Infinity Ward, definitely has an uphill battle ahead.

Being the first Call of Duty game to simultaneously hit the Xbox 360 and PS3, Treyarch is not only pushing the gameplay boundaries of the series, but the visual ones as well. Call of Duty 3 will sport entirely new environments, and in general, everything is looking sharper and crisper than it did last time. It even upped the ante in smaller areas like implementing active foliage and spiffing up explosion colors for that extra level of detail.

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THAMMER15900d ago

This and Gears WIll take up so much of my time next month.

Captain Tuttle5900d ago

is going to be great but have you ever read a bad preview or hand-on report of a game? According to the gaming press, every game they write up a preview on is going to be amazing.


if the online play is as good at COD2, its a must buy. Better graphics and missions would be welcome too...

borgome5900d ago

Gr he he he he eeaaaassssssy.

zonetrooper55900d ago

Call of Duty 3, FEAR, Gears of War and many other games are gonna keep my Xbox 360 busy heheheh heheha hah ha hah ha hahh mua hah hah hahhah hah a

p.s. muahhahahuahauhahahahhah


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