Rainbow Six Vegas 2 previewed by PC Gamer

From the preview by PC Gamer's Quintin Smith:

"Developers are getting so good at pushing our buttons with their RSI-afflicted fingers that it's becoming genuinely scary.

Consider the R6V:2 experience point system, expanded from the original R6 Vegas. During our recent multiplayer playtest I caught another player running into a wooden cupboard to prepare an ambush. Making use of the new bullet penetration I peppered it with rounds until a sharp groan told me he was dead."

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Kleptic3967d ago

bullet penetration is good...and its nice to hear they deeply expanded the point well as added a sprint...

I don't know...maybe this will be better than I am anticipating...but watching the videos it just looks like an expansion pack for Vegas 1...which is hardly anything that will get me away from CoD 4 at the moment...

Truplaya3967d ago

I have high hopes for this game. It is shaping up to be COD4 in city maps, with more guns, with a cover system, with a more intuitive experience system and most important to me it that it has co-op play!