Games for Windows Live Marketplace likely - Microsoft's Kevin Unangst

Microsoft wants to bring something along the lines of Xbox Live Marketplace to Games for Windows Live.

"You can be confident we want to enable things like digital distribution, the ability to do downloadable content for games - that's a direction we're definitely headed in," GfW senior global director Kevin Unangst told Eurogamer in an interview.

Unangst also reflected on some of the lessons learned during GfW's first year. "Going out of the gate, we weren't as clear as we should have been that Games for Windows Live on the PC is free," he admitted.

"You don't have to pay for Gold. If you want to play cross-platform games, that's when you need a Gold subscription..."

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I Call 9MM3967d ago

I think they should really partner with Valve and Steam if they want to do any kind of distribution online. Steam is there already, it's a great program, lots of games, community services etc... Valve is even try to introduce their own version of "achievements" into their games.

That is another thing I never really got. For games that are developed on both platforms (360 and PC), why is it the over 90% of the time only the 360 version gets achievements? Lots of games have the Games for Windows logo slapped onto them, but it doesn't really mean anything.

Also, nobody really seems to be taking advantage of the cross-platform gaming abilities. No game uses it but 2, Shadow Run and Universe at War. There are dozens of games released on both platforms and no cross platform play. Most don't seem to have any major differences besides better graphics on a higher end PC. I always though this was disappointing. Plus, it only works over Live. What about over a LAN connection. That would be really useful. Plus, as a buisness model it might convince a few people to buy both versions. Another thing, what about splitscreen play on the PC? Sure, most people probably wouldn't use it, but when you have a crowd of people out there with 1080p TVs and powerful media centre PCs attached to them, why not?

Games for Windows Live and Games for Windows is a good idea in theory, but it should be an all or none situation when letting a game bear it's title. Cross-platform play, achievements, etc... Developers should meet every requirement.