PC Gamer's Far Cry 2 preview and screens

The freedom to explore this open world is FC2's biggest hook: from the moment you're in control, the game is there to respond to your whims. No linear storyline here: things will happen in accordance with the way you play the game, and how the AI reacts.

The times and locations and characters of events will be different for every play-through, making you a real influence in the world. It's the sort of thing Boiling Point and Stalker grew up wanting to be.

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Kleptic3970d ago

looks and sounds awesome...can't wait...

mighty_douche3969d ago

Some of the screens are looking fantastic, it's up there with Crysis. I know a lot of people will pick this up for their console's, so i hope they don't have to dumb it down to much!

(i know they said "looks the same"... it wont, that's just PR)