PS3 Attitude: Rocketmen demo fired up, misses target

From PS3 Attitude:

"But the worst element of Rocketmen, the one thing that makes it almost unbearable to play, is the camera.

The camera moves you forward towards your next natural goal, but it moves very slowly in comparison to your character. Whilst this might be a gameplay choice the developers thought would promote movement strategy, in reality it's just plain annoying.

However, that is not the most heinous crime the camera commits...."

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sfinXters3967d ago

Tried this yesterday. A truly crappy game.

TheTwelve3967d ago

Yeah...I downloaded the demo and I felt that this game would have a much better home on the Wii.


Relcom3967d ago

the camera and the hit detections is way to frustrating.

Its too bad cause it could of been a good game.

mighty_douche3967d ago

Yeah i wasn't impressed that's for sure.

Still echocrome was great!!

riksweeney3967d ago

Rubbish, I'm still downloading it.

Maybe Capcom will read the feedback and address the really bad issues.

rbanke3967d ago

I have to say I agree with the article. This game is extremly similar to Cash Guns Chaos. The customization is what WOULD have made it better than CGC, however the camera really makes it almost unplayble and annoying.

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The story is too old to be commented.