Fallout 3: OXM screenshot scans and article excerpts

No Mutants Allowed has some excerpts from the OXM article of the issue that's out just now (in stands this Monday), as well as the screenshots in that article. It's not very text-heavy, and the text for the most part contains no new info and one mind-bogglingly stupid interview.

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mighty_douche3968d ago

Ah, look/sounds absolutely amazing!

I've never played a Fallout game but have become really interested in this one over the last few months (mainly thanks to MK_Red), but with so many developers consentrating on multi-player, I'm having to look at other game genres to get my single-player fill!

Captain Tuttle3968d ago

If you can find copies of Fallout 1 & 2 give them a try. They're really fantastic, immersive games.

MK_Red3968d ago

Thanks mighty_douche.

Captain Tuttle speaks the truth.

Mr Playboy3968d ago

they are One of best developer, Oblivion was the game of year in 2007 for PS3 a truly masterpiece

looking forward for this game :)

Relcom3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

Only people who didn't play that think Oblivion was the best.

Oblivion took out all that was great about the elder scrolls series, but i think they will redeem themselves after Fallout 3.

By the way
Bethesda can you please add eyes and balls as targets to shoot at, i will miss it if its not in.

MK_Red3968d ago

True Relcom but the best TES games were both Morrowind and Daggerfall though Morro is indeed my fave. It had a unique feel in the Vvardenfel (Not sure about name).
Oblivion was indeed terrible compared to classics.

And Fallout 3 is indeed Bethesda's chance for redemption.

MK_Red3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

Holy moly OMG, Thanks TnS, NMA and OXM. AWesome awesome awesome. And the dog is here!!!
Reading now. I'm speechless.

PS, the STALKER feel is just awesome.

Captain Tuttle3968d ago

But remember, there can only ever be one Dogmeat. ;-)

MK_Red3968d ago

True. They shoudln't call this dog Dogmeat.
The real one, the legend can be only in one game: The legendary Fallout.

Hooby3968d ago

Hmm, I don't know any person wh0 ever found the need to repair weapons and armor fun, too bad that's still in. But I want to see these motorized warhammers I hear about...and other melee weapons.

Captain Tuttle3968d ago

I agree...take away the repair stuff and add more dialog. The one shot they showed of the speech mechanic wasn't very inspiring. Hopefully it's much more in depth.

MK_Red3968d ago

Agreed with both of you but the weapon part combining could be really fun and it kinda reminds me of Arcanium.

Also, in addition to dialogue which they should really focus on and make it deeper, I also hope that they bring back the groin shot for Vats which sadly is absent now :(

Captain Tuttle3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

In Arcanum you had to go back into town to get items repaired I think, which I never liked. It should be more Oblivion style, with a repair/science type skill and something similar to the hammers that have limited use at lower skill levels. The multitool would work.

MK_Red3968d ago

True but I believe the repair skill in Fallout could be used for that. And in Arcanium, the mixing / item making part was fun not the repairs.

Personally, I don't want to have a plasma refile that I have to repair but hey, let's hope for the best.

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MK_Red3968d ago

Finally, the dialogue system is kinda shown. At least it's not like Oblivion's dreaded keyword system. Hopefully the promised dialogue trees are there and are deeper than Mass Effect's.

Also, it's good to hear that those attacking Ghouls are not all of them, they are just the crazy feral ones so hopefully normal and civilized ones are still there.

OMG, Fallout + Burnout = My fave games in one! The inspiration for VATS system kills is Burnout's crash system!? Genius Bethesda, genius even though original Fallouts had really cool death animations and kinda were the same.

S.P.E.C.I.A.L = The best character design system ever! I'm always focusing on P.I.A.L or S.I.A.L.

Captain Tuttle3968d ago

And I hope they have a "Bloody Mess" perk.

MK_Red3968d ago

OMG, good call. Bubbles for you my friend.
Bloody Mess is always my main choice for trait along with Gifted.
The Sex Appeal should also return.

And let's not forget about perks. I want my Slayer dammit.

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